Everyone likes playing computer games, and nowadays there are special apps that provide gaming fun for pets. 

Yep, this Golden Retriever is fascinated and mesmerized by a pet iPad game.

He just stares intently at the screen while two other Goldens try to get his attention by rolling around nearby.

The game involves a little mouse running back and forth across the screen and the object of the game is for the dog (or cat) playing it to “catch” the mouse.

However, I think this dog isn’t really sure what to do with the mouse as he appears to only be watching it.

At one point, he rears back his head and howls, so maybe he is frustrated.

He keeps barking, howling and wagging his tail like maybe he wants some help playing his doggy app.

The other dogs don’t even care and just keep playing around him as if nothing else is going on.

One is playing with a regular dog toy and chews it happily while his friend roams around the dog with the game. 

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