Lots of dogs and other pets hate vacuum cleaners, and Pork Chop the Bulldog seems to be a member of that team. 

His owner is trying to vacuum the hallway and Pork Chop is going nuts over it.

He is jumping and barking and bouncing back and forth as the vacuum gets closer to him.

He at one point sniffs at it, but then bounces backward again to get farther away from the offending tool.

It doesn’t seem to matter if the vacuum is on or off because Pork Chop still doesn’t like it at all.

He even runs all the way to the end of the hallway to get away from it before getting up to it again and barking hysterically.

Will he ever make friends with the vacuum?

It’s hard to say, but for now he seems to hate it with a passion.

But keeping the house clean is necessary so either he will have to learn to live with the vacuum or he will just always cause a ruckus, time will tell. 

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