Lacey the boxer understood it’s time for a walk and she enjoyed the outdoors. 

Lacey the boxer dog is calm, gentle, humble and loyal.

She walks with pride holding her head up high. So many of us are just like Lacey the boxer.

We don’t want to be held down by anyone. We want to explore and see the world. We delight in adventure and when faced with difficult situations, we just feel disappointed.

The fact that Lacey crave for a walk at the park can’t be denied with the way she reacted each time she was asked: Would you like to go for a walk? She simply barks giving affirmation with great zeal and enthusiasm.

The fact that the question kept repeating itself infuriates her that she goes back and forth.

Lacey out of curiosity stretches herself on the floor as someone apologizing for wrongdoing.

Life may not always work out the way we planned it to be. We should have this feeling at all times!

Strive for what you believe and never give up no matter what might happen and even when the mistake have been made, one should summon courage and the sky will only be a stepping stone.

In conclusion, Lacey the boxer persisted and was much more eager as the question kept repeating. 

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