Cartoons are something that many of us enjoy, but you wouldn’t think they would interest a dog? 

But this Bulldog seems fascinated by the cartoon showing on the TV screen.

She watches, mesmerized, as the opening credits appear, and the movie starts to play and then never takes her eyes off the screen.

Even when her owner calls to her off screen, she hardly budges and keeps on watching the show.

Some people may think that animals can’t really see what is going on, but some dogs and cats really do seem to love to watch TV shows.

Maybe it is the action on the screen or maybe she likes the music, it’s hard to tell since dogs can’t discuss the movie with you! But whichever it is, the Minons movie cartoon has a big fan in this Bulldog.

Watch her sit up very intently on the bed as she stares at the TV screen watching ever second of the cartoon movie.

She certainly seems to be enjoying it very much and doesn’t want to miss a second of the show. 

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