Every single day we all wake up to a perfect bright morning, feeling the warmth breeze as it soothing our skin. 

There are days we just want to lay on the bed not because we seek attention, but because we need much rest and feel so weak.

The body needs so much rest and because we understand that the body is adaptive to situations, we deprive it of its treasured rest.

More so, the human body breaks down if not properly nurtured to its required rest on daily basis.

The Jack Russell puppy is a lovable dog that seeks attention like every other dog, even at adulthood it is fond of playing all day.

Likewise, they are obedient and loyal.

Like every other human being, this breed of dog do not play with bed time.

It does not undermine the true value of proper rest to the development of its growth and stability.

This video clip shows how a Jack Russell puppy seeks attention and cuddles from the Cold wind touching its body before finally taking to a warm spot to rest for the day.

Isn’t he so adorable and charming? 

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