The famous commercials with the Clydesdale horses are a popular series of commercials, and it seems Khaleesi the English Bulldog is also a fan. 

The dog loves the spot in the series that features a little puppy that gets lost and the horses come to his rescue.

Khaleesi loves this commercial so much that he knows when it is scheduled to air on TV and he never wants to miss watching it.

If he hears the musical theme that goes with this spot, he runs into the living room and stops whatever he was doing to sit right in front of the TV and watch the screen.

He loves the spot so much that every time he reacts happily when the dog in the commercial gets rescued and follows his horse friends back home.

Now that’s dedication to details that the company would likely be happy about if anyone has told them about this dog’s obsession.

The bottom line is that Khaleesi is a huge fan of this commercial and he could probably watch it over and over a million times. 

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