How many of us have been rousted out of bed on a weekend because of hearing church bells ringing? 

Loud noises are something that bothers a lot of people, let alone tiny little Chihuahuas.

This poor little dog really doesn’t like loud church bells ringing and is showing it to the world.

He puts back his ears and howls in pain or disgust as the bells ring out in the background.

Maybe this little pup hates all loud noises, or maybe just church bells, but whatever it is, he knows how to show his displeasure with laid back ears and howls of dislike.

Probably some humans wish they could express their discomfort with loud noises in the same way.

Loud noises are something that dog owners need to train their pets to get used to, but some pets really don’t do well in loud environments and likely this pup is one of them.

So, what are the options to help dogs like this?

There are training programs that can help you to teach your dog to get used to loud sounds like these church bells or other things that frighten or bother dogs’ ears. 

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