Friendship is a bond between people or animals that is hard to break, and animals are especially loyal to one another. 

But it is strange when two animals of entirely different species become bonded as friends like this white Chihuahua and Baby Joey kangaroo.

The two are best friends and here they are grooming and licking each other.

The little kangaroo is holding onto his buddy, the dog, and really seems to love him very much.

Why can’t humans love each other despite their differences like these two sweet little animals?

Animals groom each other to show affection so we can tell that these two animals are best buddies.

They wash and lick each other continuously and also play together.

They live together and were adopted together and maybe that is why they now love each other.

Who knows how long the friendship will last, especially since the kangaroo will eventually get a lot bigger than the little Chihuahua.

If they stay friends it will really be an odd couple for sure. 

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