Ahhh, what could be nicer than relaxing on a hot summer day in the pool, floating along on top of your pink floatie and not a care in the world? 

Well, this yellow Labrador puppy sure seems to think so as he stretches out on the pink floatie as it glides around his owner’s pool.

The pup is unafraid as he rides around and just lies there happy as can be as you can hear his siblings in the background barking.

Maybe they are jealous and want their turn on his pool paradise! At one point he starts to stand up on the floatie and his owner steadies it for him, but he never actually leaves his perch.

Not many dogs would be brave enough to try this fun activity, but this one looks very relaxed and content. He knows that his owner is nearby to help him if he has a problem.

So, he just sighs and decides to keep on chilling in the pool without nary a care to his name. 

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