Huskies are lovely-attention seeking and playful animals. You can hardly tell what drama they’ll come up with in the next second. These six videos show dog behavior that will make you falling from your seats. 

1. Don’t ever stop doing it !

While the owner takes his dog for a ride he spends a few seconds tickling it. He quickly gets the gear but no, husky wants more. It pulls the owners hand off the gear and onto its chest in two occasions. “Tickle me on. Leave the gear. If we crash I’ll save you.”

2. Today won’t be a walking day !

Owner wants to go for a walk but but husky is having none of it. It howls all the louder as the owner continues persuading it. It wants her to come back to the couch and play. I think it actually said “Nooooooo” at one point.

3. Don’t ignore me, I want your love too !

Jealous that the other dog is getting more attention from the owner. Husky pulls its owners hand away repeatedly each time he strokes the other dog. When patience eventually ran out, it stands on all fours in a rapid manner that implies “you must love me and me alone.”

4. Get up you lazy one!

It’s morning and husky won’t stop dancing all over owner in an effort to get him up.

5. A star is born !

Husky is in bed “howling along” to James Brown’s “I Feel Good”, a performance that would surely eliminate some contestants in American Idols. 

6. Unexpected Refreshment !

In a visit to the park, husky finds the fountains particularly interesting. It curiously sits on one but jumps off hastily as the water spurts into its bottom. The people can’t hide their amusement.

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