What could be cuter than a mama dog and her pup playing happily together?

This mama yellow Labrador and her puppy are playing tug of war with an old rag. The baby growls playfully as his mom tugs on the rag and pulls him around the room. 

She is careful not to hurt her baby and just pulls him along and drags him as he tightly bites on his end of the rag.

This pup is determined to win the tug of war game against his mother and he is definitely not about to concede even if she is much bigger than he is!

They both seem to be loving this cute game of tug of war and it also helps mother and puppy bond more together.

Mother and son show their love of play and of each other as they enjoy time together.

Most dogs love tug of war games and this pair are having a blast. Puppies are always cute to watch and this video is enough to make you smile all day. 

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