Many people come to the Courchevel ski resort in the French Alps every year to enjoy skiing and having fun in the snow. 

However, most of them actually use skis or snowboards, while this innovative black Labrador has found his own way to have fun on the ski slopes.

The snow loving pup has discovered that he has no need for a set of skis or a snowboard, as he can just use his own furry body to propel himself down the hills.

He spreads out his legs and wags his tail happily as he slides down the slopes at a fairly high rate of speed. He isn’t scared at all and seems to be loving this new way to enjoy the snow.

He tries another way near the bottom of the hill as he rolls over and seems to be trying to make a snow doggie angel by swinging his body back and forth.

All the while he is tremendously enjoying himself and is apparently at home in this wintery wonderland. 

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