These days it seems that everyone is at war with someone or accusing others of being anti this or anti that. 

However, not so in the animal world as this beautiful story of two friends will show.

A black Labrador plays happily with his new best buddy, a white-tailed deer doe that also appears to be friendly to humans.

The dog and deer happily frolic with each other, as the deer playfully butts the dog and the dog licks her.

They chase each other around the yard as the human watches and records their antics.

Once, the deer comes up to investigate the cameraman and he reaches out his hand and pets her on the head.

The video doesn’t say how the two animals first paired up with each other, but it is a clear example how animals are more inclined to make friends with each other no matter what their species or color is than humans seem to be these days.

Near the end of the video a spotted dog joins in the fun.

All in all, you can see the joy these two best friends show in their interactions with each other as they play together in the yard. 

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