1. They’re always down to lend a helping hand…

labrador retriever photo
Flickr: nirbhao

2. …even if it means doing the dishes.

labrador puppy washing the dishes

3. They’re the only ones who understand your love of food.

hungry labrador puppy with bowl in mouth

4. And your obsession with tiny humans.

labrador and tiny child

5. Let’s not forget how cuddly they are.

Labrador puppy cuddling man

6. Not to mention, they’ll always be down to be your plus-one.

labrador and girl

7. They look adorable, not matter what kind of mess they make.

funny black labrador in snow

8. And they’re not afraid to admit when they’ve made a mistake.

guilty labrador shaming

9. They know how to be chill AF.

labrador in glasses chilling

10. And they aren’t afraid to be a little romantic.

labrador kissing booth

11. They can form friendships with anybody… no matter how unlikely.

labrador dog and cat

12. They’ll do whatever it takes to put a smile on your face…

two funny labradors

13. …even if it means making a goofy face of their own.

labrador goofy face

14. And their loyalty lasts a lifetime.

chocolate labrador puppy face