1. Labradors are scary intelligent and determined to find solutions to problems – such as find a ball in the snow

funny labrador snow find ball

2. Labradors are toy hoarders and don’t like to share

awesome chocolate labrador puppy with toy

3. Labradors are keenly in tune with your feelings and eager to show it

cute black puppy face labrador retriever

4. They like to be just one of the kids

black labrador retriever kid pics

5. They’re always happy to see you, whether it’s been all day or 10 minutes

cute labrador puppy retriever happy

6.  Labradors are working dogs and happiest when they have a job

black labrador swimming in the pool

7. They are always ready to accompany you wherever you go

Labs waiting for walk time

8. Labradors will make sure you never have a private moment to yourself (and you’ll find that you don’t mind at all)

best look labrador

9. Labradors love water almost as much as they love you

happy labrador water pics beach

10. Labradors believe they are lapdogs and will make sure you believe it, too

lap dog labrador nap time