So we present the fourteen most ridiculous pug pictures ever:

1. Do you like my boots?

pug in boots

2. Pug in repose

pug belly

3. “What do you mean I just ate?”

pug at the table

4. “A walk? Now? In the rain?”

pug meme

5. Skateboarding pug!

pug on skate

6. Pug sunbathing…

pug on beach

7. Stuck in the crevice.

funny pug meme

8. “He went that way, not that way…”

pug puppy meme

9. Big pug and little pug are disappointed in you.

pug bathing

10. Are You My Mother?

pug mom meme

11. This is what a pug looks like when it sees food!

pug food

12. Cooookie!!!

pug hungry

13. Nap time.

pug nap time

14. Bring toys you human!

cute pug

If you enjoyed these delightful pictures, make sure to comment us with pictures of your Pug and why they’re ridiculous!

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