1. Now you never have to leave me again!

beagle meme

2. What they think I do…

dog meme

3. Why don’t you take me for a walk?

take me for a walk meme

4. We’ll never know who did it…

border collie meme5. I’m a chocolate lab!

chocolate lab meme

6. Your standards and my standards!

dog standards meme

7. Stay away so you won’t be scared!

scare dog meme

8. I just wanted to eat…

food dog meme

9. That feeling…

funny dog meme

10. It will be fun they said

human dog meme fun

11. The ball was in your hand the whole time?

funny boxer dog meme

12. Friends…

friends meme


dog meme faces

14. Day 33

sheep dog meme

15. He’s behind me…

funny pug meme

16. My advice is to invest in tennis balls

golden retriever meme balls

17. I don’t always bark at night.

bark dog meme


lab meme dog


strech meme dog


dog meme panicked


husky meme