Owning a Great Dane is, how to do I say it, a “special” experience.

This breed exhibits a wide variety of characteristics. 

While some breeds are laid back and others are goofy and yet others are hyper, the Great Dane can exhibit all these and more!

1. Your bed is no longer your bed

great dane bed pics fun

2. And your couch is no longer your couch

great dane on couch

3. Your car will start to feel smaller

cute great danes in car

4. You will get A LOT of love

great dane love woman

5. They will be waiting for you . . . always

waiting great dane lying

6. You will no longer be the crazy one in the house

beautiful great dane pics couch ball

7. You will see a whole new level of lazy

lazy great dane sleep

8. Your neighbors will wonder why you own a horse

black great dane dog pics

9. You will need a bigger fence

great danes fence

10. You will have a nap-time partner, whether you like it or not

nap time girl sleep

11. Your puppy will become a giant in no time

cute great dane puppy pics car
great dane blue dog couch

12. Your kids will have a new best friend

12 Realities That New Great Dane Owners Must Accept 1