1. Stubby The Sergeant girl photo dog war

This is a story that starts at time of World War I. Stubby became then the most decorated dog thankful to his brave behavior on battlefield. First he participated in 17 battles in France. Second – he let his unit understand that mortal attack with poison gas comes. He helped to find soldiers on battlefield, which cannot help them. One German spy also did not come hidden in front of Stubby’s eyes. 

2. Lex

german shepherd photo soldier

Lex was a good helper of soldier from Marine Corps. Story started in Iraq in November 2006, where they had to find explosive bombs and make some monitoring of space. So in tie of one explosion he said on side of his unit until soldiers came to resolve the problem. But because of big tragedy he died. He had almost 21 year.

3. Simon

cute cat black and white

Simon was a cat that lived on one ship. One day waves brought them is place where was Chinese Civil War, at 1949. At that time cat got some hard wounds and team thought it is finish for him. But with these wounds he caught rats all night long and took care of his painful places on body. Cat survived and got one medal and two crosses for his brave. 

4. Smoky

cute dog photo war

Story from Second World War. Smoky, a small Terrier also took a part in it. He was found in New Guinea, in hole for fox. After that Smoky was near Americans army in twelve combat missions and in 150 air raids. For such long participation little dog took eight battle stars.

5. Gustav

Gustav bird photo

Also a story from Second World War, when Gustav was one of pigeons in special service of birds. This bird had to transfer the information about successful landing. He passed 150 miles in 5 hours and did it! Of course, for that he got a special prestigious medal.

6. Treo

black lab soldier

On the photo Treo is with his Dickin Medal. He got it for work in Afghanistan, where he found several road bombs. This way, he saved many lives of civil and army people. 

7. Rags

hero dog soldier

Such a name dog got because soldier thought it is a pile of rags, when he found him. After this, smart dog could send a message of help when infantry was cutted of by Germans. Pile of rags saved 42 people like this. This was his work all First World War till his soldier died in 1919 because of German artillery and gas. Dog survived, but had no more owners.

8. Nemo A534

german shepherd hero

Nemo got his popularity because paid attention to enemies in brunches at night. It was in Vietnam at 1966. After information that Americans got from Nemo, it was a hard battle. Americans had victory, but Nemo lost one eye and his holder was severely injured. Smart dog stayed with his holder, cowering top of his body, till doctors came to help both of soldiers.

9. Dolphins of MK6

dolphin soldier

MK6 start a new training program for sea mammals at 1960’s with goal to teach animals how to mNge in combat, reconnaissance, and recovery missions. Dolphins’ territory of work was from Vietnam to Persian Gulf. They collect information, located mines under water and were attentive to enemy swimmers.

10. Jackie

Jackie monkey

Jackie was a baboon, who could rich the goal to be corporal of army. Baboon got this title thankful to his owner, who took animal with him in battle flight. Because of German artillery Jackie lost one leg and became retire in title of Corporal. After this battle monkey stayed in owner’s family and did not participated in battles any more.

11. Chips

german shepherd dog man photo

Chips got more than other medals and other symbols of brave as other animals in WWII. Brave dog showed his strong character in Sicily. After attack of Italians, Chips broke the leash and attacked one of enemies. He was so dangerous that made other Italians to surrender.

12. Sinbad

hero dog photo soldiers

Sinbad was a nice dog, who knew how to fight at board of Campbell ship and how to drink coffee and whiskey with other sailors in port bar. He came thought a lot of battles and got 6 medals for that. His team considered him as real sailor.

13. Reckless

horse hero pics

Horse Reckless came into American’s marine army from Korea at 1952. Animal was trained how to carry some supplies for battle or for long walking way. Then he became participator of many combat missions in homeland. Horse took many medals and other honors, including $30 in form of poker chips that he ate.

14. Cambodian rats

Cambodian rats

Cambodia is one of the most dangerous countries in whole world because of plenty number of mines at fields. So Mine Action Center from this country decided to use rats in goal of finding mines. And it works in best way! Rats help to detect mines and specialist after clear the field from dangerous findings.

15. Fenji

soldier german shepherd photography

A smart dog worked in time of Afghanistan War as defender of explosive defenders. When she came to War for the first time, she found four defenders. One defender was last one for her handler, 23 years old soldier. Fenji was injured and survived. Both of them scarified when terrorists fund them near bomb, after what bomb was detonated on saved space for terrorists. Soldier and dog became heroes after this story.