1. German Shepherd? The Adopted Kangaroo

funny german shepherd photo

2. Squirrel? SQUIRREL!

german shepherd playing tongue

3. With a face like that, how could you NOT let him on the bed?

rest geman shepherd bed

4. Y U Do Dis?

german shepherd puppy photo

5. Don’t eat the yellow snow… or do… because you’re a dog

winter snow german shepherd

6. This Dog Just Want To Be Part Of The Family

happy german shepherd

7. This German Shepherd That Will Be The Best Kind Of Pillow To Nap On

kid and german shepherd

8. Don’t worry! I’ll guard the car while the big dogs catch the bad guy.

cute puppy german shepherd car police

9. Meet “Baffy” the Bomb Dog. Good luck out there, Baffy.

awesome dog german shepherd pics

10. Meet Sparky! Half Husky, Half German Shepherd

husky german shepherd mix

11. This is actually something that wolves do in captivity if they do not have enough stimulation

running german shepherd

12. I Sits

boxer german shepherd

13. You gon eat those?

german shepherd food dog


running german shepherd puppies

15. What Do You Mean, Move?

funny german shepherd photography

16. You Sleeping?

nose geman shepherd

17. This Model Fits Three Heads!

heads german shepherds car

18. Talented…lol

GSD funny pics

19. Why Are You Lookin’ At Me?

funny cute puppy german shepherd dog

20. The Big German Shepherd Can Be A Gentle Giant

funny cat GSD eating

21. Place! haha, I Love This

fire hydrant german shepherd

And what about your German Shepherd? Tell us in the comments!

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