1. I don’t think he’s realised he’s not quite as small as he used to be.

Labrador sleep funny dog

2. This guy clearly stumbled upon an absolute gem of a position.

Labrador sleep funny position

3. This black labrador has a little sleep on the scales. That’s what they’re really for.

black labrador sleeps on scales

4. Two is better than one.two labradors nap time

5. Very, very tired…

very tired labrador puppy

6. “Someone hand me the remote, please.”

funny sleeping labrador dog

7. Hmm, no wonder our plants never grow here.

funny lab dog sleep

8. Lazy Sunday.

funny sleeping brown lab

9. Don’t ask.

black labrador sleeps on stairs

10. Playing while sleeps.

labrador sleep with ball

11. Okay, this one look pretty comfy!

puppy of labrador sleep

12. “It’s actually quite calming.”

funny labrador nap time

13. When dinner is just taking too damn long and a quick nap is in order.

labrador nap time on table

14. “It seemed like a good idea at the time… but now I’m pretty much stuck.”

labrador sleeps on chair

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