1. Dog with a blog…

beautiful dog laptop

2. This Shih Tzu wants attention…

Shih Tzu attention

3. In case anyone is having a bad day, look at how cute she is!!!

cute little dog playing

4. Curious little thing…

cute little dog eyes

5. Exercise more so the humans can stop calling us fatties.

cute dogs sport funny

6. I believe…

funny dog banana

7. We have learned today that poop is not a toy.

cute puppy toy funny

8. This shih tzu wearing some kind of green costume…

cute costume green funny dog

9. Look at those eyelashes….Gorgeous!

awesome dogs playing pics

10. Shih Tzus at the window…

eyes dogs pics window

11. Happy dog…

dog play toys rest

12. Doesn’t like showers much…

wet dog pics

13. Shih Tzu like to play…

playing dog pics

14. “Hi. What do you want?”

eyes dog toy pics

15. What’s up?

playful dogs pics

16. Do you want to play?

play pics dog ball

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