1. This Great Dane thinks she is human.

Great Dane sits like human

2. ALL dogs are lap dogs.

Great Dane-lap dog

3. Don’t tell Mickey…

Great Dane sleeps with toy

4. “There’s that damn kid again with that cell phone. Gonna post it on MyFace or whatever the heck they call it”.

Big Great Dane Dog

5. I don’t fit.

Great Dane in cat door

6. I’ll have the owner fetch us some tea, sit, sit.

Great Dane sitting on chair

7. 8 month old Great Dane watching some football.

Great Dane watching football

8. “This sofa isn’t as comfy as I remember…” – The Great Dane.

Great Dane on sofa funny

9. Perfect fit for this chair.

Great Dane perfect fit for this chair

10. Great Dane on a Train!

Great Dane on a Train

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