Workout Clothes: Get the Right Fit

You’ve decided to start exercising, you paid for a gym membership, but don’t know what to wear while training? The choice of sports equipment is large today and can be confusing. A good choice of athleisure /Workout Clothes wear can contribute to better results when exercising, like a good pair of leggings or stylish running shoes of various brands on Runner click. This guide will help you see what to look for when buying sports equipment. Sweat with style!

The most important are quality and comfort

If the clothes you wear while exercising are uncomfortable if they make you feel too hot and you don’t like the way you look, why not change it so that you can look and feel nice and comfortable, even when you exercise? Don’t be the kind of person who wears an old tracksuit and plain T-shirt, or old, inappropriate sneakers at the gym or during your workout.

Good sports equipment should be of good quality and comfortable, which doesn’t mean that it should be expensive. If you exercise at home, then quality and comfort are the only two factors that should interest you. If you exercise in a public place, consideration should also be given to the appearance.

Is cotton a good choice?

A few years ago, the best sports equipment was considered to be one made of 100% cotton. Cotton absorbs sweat instead of retaining it on the surface of the skin, as synthetic fabrics such as polyester and nylon do. However, the problem with cotton sportswear is that all the moisture remains in the fabric.

Thus, the equipment becomes heavy, uncomfortable and it sticks uncomfortably to the skin. Also, cotton doesn’t help in releasing heat from the body, it does exactly the opposite. For these reasons, synthetic sports equipment is generally preferred over cotton.

Synthetic workout clothes

Thanks to the development of technology, synthetic clothing is nowadays made to be fully comfortable and it allows the skin to breathe. If you wear synthetic sports equipment you will not feel like exercising in the sauna, which is very important during the warm, summer months.

Synthetic sports equipment should be taken care of more carefully and quite differently than regular cotton equipment. The warmth of the water in the washing machine and the heat of the drying machine can damage the fibers of the fabric. It is best to wash athleisure immediately after wearing it, at low temperature. With this care, your sportswear will last longer and preserve efficiency.

 The right sneakers

It is also important for men and women to choose the right sneakers. Whether you buy them for running, brisk walking, biking, kickboxing, gym, team sport or dance, you should pay close attention. Good running shoes can make you faster, stronger and more coordinated.

It is recommended that you have special sneakers for different types of physical activities, for example, one pair only for running and one only for exercising at the gym. Well-selected sneakers can protect you from possible injury. Basically, the sneakers should be firm and support the foot, but at the same time, they should feel light on the foot. When you can find the perfect pair of sneakers and the perfect workout combination, with enough motivation, the results will come by themselves.

What clothes will you need?

Women primarily need a sports bra that gives good breast support. A quality sports bra is one that is sturdy but at the same time offers freedom of movement. There are different types of straps, so you should choose the ones that will best suit the physical activity you intent do.

As your upper body sweats the most, men and women should pay attention to the material of their t-shirts and sports hooded sweatshirts. Long sports pants, tracksuits, leggings, three-quarter sports pants, and even shorter and longer sports shorts are an option. The lower part of the body produces less sweat than the upper part. That is why it is not necessary for leggings, pants and shorts to be made of synthetic materials. Many people forget to pay attention to what socks they buy for exercise. Socks that are tightened around the wrist and that work well with sweat are the best choice. Socks are important because our feet sweat the most.

Which color and cut should you choose?

If you want to lose weight and are unhappy with the sports equipment you already own, give the chance a darker color. A good option is contrasting colors – darker colors in critical areas, and vibrant colors in those parts of your body that you are comfortable with. You will look more energetic and bright colors will motivate you to exercise.


There is no need to buy clothes that are bigger than you need. Although many feel that this will cover what they want the exercise to handle, in fact, these clothes will do the opposite. Because wide sportswear visually makes you thicker and wider than you really are. Also, you shouldn’t buy smaller sizes, with the hope that you will be able to wear it later. Too tight sportswear does more harm to the body than it helps. It is best to buy the equipment in your standard number. Even if you are going to need a smaller number in a few months, this will be an occasion for another interesting shopping, which is proof that you are successful in your training.



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