Why Tobacco Is Not All Bad

EFFECT OF SMOKING CIGARETTES ON PETS 15For many years now tobacco and one of the main chemicals found in it, nicotine, has been vilified for being highly addictive, thus making individuals dependent on products with it in,such as cigarettes, cigars, chewing tobacco etc. By using these products, individuals become more susceptible to developing chronic illnesses and diseases, such as emphysema and cancer. This has led to a lot of people ditching these products in the pursuit of becoming healthier. The fascination with improving health has also been extended to our pets, with things such as CBD treats for dogs now being widely available at websites such as vermafarms.com/collections/pets.

However, nicotine is not universally bad and there are, in fact, a number of benefits to ingesting it. We have listed some of these below in order to shed light on each of them.

Improves memoryDoes an Ionizer Remove the Smell of Smoke? 5

A recent piece of research found that nicotine is effective in enhancing the performance of short term memory in most individuals. The nicotine was administered to the individuals in the trial in the form of either a gum and then they were asked to perform a number of tasks over a four hour time period that tested their short term memory. 

Helps with ADHD

According to some experts in the field, nicotine can be just as effective at treating individuals with ADHD than other drugs, such as Ritalin. This has been proven by numerous scientific studies where adolescents were given nicotine patches, which resulted in the test subjects being more focused and less susceptible to the adverse effects of living with ADHD. 

Speeds us reaction times

There have been numerous different scientific studies conducted that go to show that improves reaction times when experimental tasks are performed. For example, it has been proved that smokers performed much better than none smokers when doing certain tasks that are related to IQ tests. Other studies have gone on to show that nicotine also worked in the decision making process with smokers able to make a decision much quicker than those who do not smoke. This applies to both heavy and occasional smokers.

Use in sport

Why Tobacco Is Not All Bad

It is for all of the above reasons and more that some professional sports athletes choose to use nicotine in order to enhance their performance. These benefits can really help an individual, especially when taking part in team sports, such as ice hockey, American Football, and soccer. In some parts of the world taking nicotine in the form of snus is highly popular. The Swedish olympic committee surveyed their athletes back in 2002 and found that around 25 % of them used snus in order to help them in their field of sport. As it currently stands, the substance is still legal for sports stars to take and there are no plans to ban it just yet, although this could change in the future.


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