A warning to pet owners about Mushrooms

Janna Joyner

 It’s with a heavy heart I tell you all that I lost two of my pack members yesterday. The main reason I’m posting about it so soon, is that I’m hoping my post can save ONE dog. Please, Please, PLEASE clear out all mushrooms from your yard.

Adoni and Drago passed away after ingesting Death Angel (Amanita virosa) mushrooms in my own back yard. The toxins in these mushrooms will cause liver failure in dogs. There isn’t an antidote necessarily, so you just have to manage the symptoms.

Mushrooms can kill a dog and do so quickly! Depending on the type of mushroom, the quantity eaten, the time elapsed since eaten, and several other factors, the signs of toxicity will vary. But common signs might include any of the following:

Wobbling, loss of balance, or walking as if drunk (“ataxia”)
Yellowing of skin and “whites of eyes”
Sleep-like coma

“The best preemptive step you can take is to clear out ALL mushrooms in your yard, regardless of what they look like— especially where your dog has easy, unsupervised access. Some of the most common and dangerous types of mushrooms for dogs are in the Amanita family, like the aptly-named “Death Cap” mushroom—which, because of their “fishy” odor and taste, are often very attractive to dogs. Ingestion of even a small amount of some Amanita mushrooms can severly sicken or kill a dog because of the devestating effect they can have on the liver. ”

Rest in Peace my sweet boys A warning to pet owners about Mushrooms 3

 If you see your dog eating a mushroom, you should treat it as a medical emergency and take your dog to the vet immediately. The vet can induce vomiting or do diagnosis to see if the mushroom is poisonous
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