Virginia Hunting and Fishing Licenses: Types of and Why You Should Purchase One

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Fishing is fun. Equally, hunting evokes special emotions inside you. With these two adventure activities, you have ways of spending your spare time. Plus, you can use fishing and hunting to bond with friends, family, and even colleagues. These two activities will give you the excitement you need and even ignite creativity among your kids. But, various states have different laws governing fishing and hunting. That’s why you should first get a license before setting off into your fishing and hunting expedition. Here is all you need to know about fishing and hunting permits—including common types and the benefits of having one.

It’s Not a Cost Burden

Taking virginia Hunting and fishing licenses shouldn’t be seen as a cost burden. In fact, it takes a fraction of the overall cost of your fishing expenditure. Plus, the money goes to wildlife conservation activities. Thus, taking a fishing and hunting license is like contributing to making the world a better place in terms of wildlife and green conservation.

Increased Opportunities

It takes money to maintain, improve, and support outdoor resources as well as opportunities. That’s why departments such as the Department of Natural Resources were established. The money from licenses is used to improve trails, provide colored maps, and clean rivers. Also, the fees from these licenses are used to improve the health of wildlife animals. Among other things, they are mandated to make improvements when it comes to improving habitat projects. In return, anglers and hunters alike benefit from these increased opportunities. This means that you will have more land to hunt, more water to fish, etc.

Participation in Outdoor Hunting and Fishing Pastimes Activities

Virginia Hunting and Fishing Licenses

In most states, it’s a requirement for any hunter or angler to have a license to participate in those outdoor pastimes when it comes to hunting and fishing. With a license, you might find yourself on the wrong side of the law.


In some cases, your insurance company might require you to have a fishing and hunting license before honoring your claims in case you are injured. Remember, fishing and hunting comes with dangers. Thus, getting hurt or injured is real. That’s why you need an insurance cover. A license will help you secure a settlement from your insurance company.

Visit State-run Shooting Ranges, WRD Properties

You cannot visit certain state-owned shooting ranges as well as WRD properties without a license. So, why limit your fishing expedition? It takes a few dollars to get a license and have an opportunity to participate in these exciting activities.

Types of Licenses

The following are common types of fishing and hunting permits

Short term licenses

These are types of licenses that serve for a certain period of time. They tend to cover one day plus an additional few days.

Basic fishing privileges

These licenses cover all fishing activities in fresh as well as saltwater. However, these licenses don’t cover mountain trout. Additionally, if you are fishing in saltwater, you will require a saltwater information program. For mountain trout fishing, you will need to have a good Trout License.

Full privilege licenses

These types of licenses last for a lifetime. Annual licenses last for 365 days.

Big Game License

This is a type of license you should obtain to hunt deer, turkey, or bear.

Harvest Record

The harvest record license is for those who want to hunt deer and turkey. You must have this license even if you already possess a full privilege license. The Harvest Record license is season based. This means that it works from March to February.

Other Types of Licenses

Other types of license worth exploring include:

  • Alligator Harvest Permit
  • Georgia Migratory Based Bird Stamp
  • Trout License
  • ​Saltwater Information Program Permit

The Bottom-Line

Of course, some fishers and hunters take licensing as an extra cost. To them, taking a fishing and hunting license will force them to dig into their pockets more. However, what they don’t realize is that licensing is a key component when it comes to making your fishing and hunting experience a success. The above are common types of fishing and hunting licenses. Also, this information gives you compelling reasons why a Virginia Hunting & Fishing Licence is necessary.