Are You Retired? You Should Get a Pet

You Should Get a Pet

Retirement is the perfect opportunity to try something new, so if you don’t already have a furry friend to love, you should get one. Before you call up your local shelter, read this brief article to see the challenges and the benefits of pet ownership during your golden years.

The Challenges of Getting A Pet

Living SpaceAre You Retired? You Should Get a Pet 7

Bringing a pet into your home isn’t always easy. If you’re living in a condominium, they may have regulations about what kind of pets you can have, how many you can own and how to care for them in the building. Take a look at your condo’s regulations before you make any plans to adopt.

If you’re thinking of moving into a retirement community soon, look for one that is pet friendly. You don’t want to choose a new home that doesn’t accept your animal companion.

A Lot of Responsibility

Taking care of a pet 24/7 can be a lot of work. You might not have the energy to do the walking, training, cleaning and feeding every day. In that case, some retirement homes offer pet therapy where you can get all the love and affection from a sweet, well-trained animal without any of the responsibility. Look here to see the benefits of pet therapy for seniors who can’t handle the maintenance and care full-time.

The Perks of Having a PetAre You Retired? You Should Get a Pet 8

Now that you know the challenges that come with pet ownership, you can see the wonderful perks.

Pets Improve Your Mood

An animal companion is excellent company. They can even make you smile when they misbehave, like chewing up your favourite pair of shoes or grabbing food off of your dinner plate when you’re not looking.

Benefits of Pets to Students

But they will do much more than put a big grin on your face. They will also help you eliminate stress. For instance, researchers found that cat owners have lower blood pressure and are calmer in challenging situations than their peers who don’t own cats.

Pets Make You Healthier

Do you have a hard time staying motivated to get off the couch? Getting a dog will help with that. You will need to walk them every day to go to the bathroom and to exercise. The average dog owner walks 22 minutes more per day than a person who doesn’t own a dog, giving them a better chance of lowering their blood pressure and avoiding health problems like Type 2 diabetes. It’s an easy way to get active.

Pets Make Ageing EasierAre You Retired? You Should Get a Pet 9

Research shows that having a pet makes ageing easier — this is not just because owners are healthier, it’s because their quality of life is better, too. Pets often help seniors cope with symptoms from chronic ailments. They can ward off loneliness and provide comfort during difficult times. Your furry friend will be there for you through the good times and the bad.

You don’t need a pet because you’re bored. You need one because they will make you feel happy, healthy, and loved every single day.




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