Pros and Cons of Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting

Pros and Cons of Pet Sitting : There are two sides to a business. The first is the advantages while the other are the disadvantages. As interesting as setting up a pet sitting business may seem, it has its downsides too.

Your love for animals is not enough to make you a successful pet sitter. You need to also weigh in on the pros and cons of setting up a pet sitting business. However, a pet sitting business is lucrative if you have celebs and other famous people as your clients.

Nonetheless, let’s look at the pros and cons of a pet sitting business.

Advantages of Setting up a Pet-sitting Business

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See the benefits of owning a pet sitting business below :

  • Inexpensive to Set Up : apart from regular pet supplies, you don’t need too much to set up a pet sitting business. However, in most cases, pet owners provide the pet sitter with their preferred products for their pets.
  • No storefront is required : 90 percent of the pet sitting businesses started at home. Also, in most cases, you may be required to do most of the job in your client’s house. Furthermore, in some cases, pet sitting often requires walking the pets only.
  • Hobby becomes business : To most interesting jobs are those that were initially hobbies. You need to love pets first before you set up a pet sitting business. In other words, you would be earning a living from doing your hobby.
  • Be your Boss : The pet sitting business allows you to be your boss. With a good client base, a pet sitting job can earn you extra income compared to a full-time job. According to studies, the least a pet sitter earns for one visit is $19.35.
  • The clientele is Large : The client base of the pet sitting industry is very high. You can barely go through an entire neighborhood where more than 10 homes don’t own pets. More so, if you stay in an environment where celebrities leave, you are likely to be their pet sitter if you are good with animals. Furthermore, a good relationship with pet shops will help your pet sitting business.
  • Work out while Working : Since most of your job will require walking the pets, you can use that opportunity to work out too. That you will keep fit.

Disadvantages of Setting Up a Pet Sitting Business

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Here are some cons of setting up a pet sitting business :

  • Physical fitness is required : If you are not fit you may not take care of pets. Some pets can be big too. Fitness becomes necessary if you have to always walk the pets for a long distance. For instance, Lady Gaga’s dogs are big. To walk those dogs, you need to be fit.
  • Insurance or Bond : You need insurance to cover losses that may occur while sitting a pet. For instance, if a pet gets missing, the owner may sue you.

Wrapping Up

In all, a pet sitting business is profitable if you do the right things. If you don’t love pets, then don’t venture into a pet sitting business because it could be stressful too. You can click here to learn about the pet sitting business.