Pet Pajamas : Does Your Pet Really Need Pajamas?

Pet Pajamas : Does Your Pet Really Need Pajamas? 1

Pet Pajamas

Nobody is surprised to see dogs in tracksuits or warm jackets anymore. We (proud dog owners) treat pets like our babies, and we want them to feel good and comfortable in every situation. Maybe that is why a lot of us consider dressing our furry friends in dog pajamas.

There are some questions, though… Are pajamas a necessity? Or maybe we just want to buy a luxury item or a fancy costume for our dog?

We want to answer these questions in this article and give you a glimpse into choosing the best pajamas for your pooch. The market offers more items for dogs now, and every owner needs to know how to find the right outfit. Here are our tips:

When Your Pet Needs Pajamas?

Pet Pajamas : Does Your Pet Really Need Pajamas? 2


– Small, Short Haired Breeds

If you are the owner of a small breed dog, you’ve probably noticed that your dog shakes sometimes, and its mood goes down when it is getting cold. It pertains to breeds like French Bulldog or Chihuahua; besides having a small body, they are also short-haired.

Bigger dogs with a long and thick fur coat can keep their bodies warm, even if the temperature drops significantly. But even a big dog like Greyhound may benefit from wearing cozy and warm pajamas at night due to the very low body fat percentage and the lack of furry coat.

– Dogs Recovering After Surgery

Sick, injured, or recovering dogs may need some extra clothing as well. It takes a lot of energy to get back in shape, so when your dog is after surgery, you will have to improve your dog’s diet and keep your pup warm. It is because your little friend is now very weak and experiences a sudden change in appetite. This often leads to weight and hair loss.

Warmth and comfort are crucial for your dog’s recovery. Please have in mind that this process can be easier if you get your pup delicate and warm pajamas.

– Older Dogs

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Older dogs need more care and attention. They are not that active as they used to be, and because of that, they are often cold. Puppies and young dogs want to play all the time. Thanks to this, they are using a lot of energy, and it has a great effect on their blood circulation.

Older dogs may often suffer from impaired thermoregulation. If your old friend prefers to spend more time on the couch and under the blanket, you should consider buying a dog pajamas.

Keep Dog Pajamas CleanPet Pajamas : Does Your Pet Really Need Pajamas? 3Pet Pajamas : Does Your Pet Really Need Pajamas? 4

Okay, so you’ve decided that your dog needs cute pajamas, and you even have already picked the right model in the store. Now you will have to take care of it properly. As every dogs’ items like, for example, blankets, pajamas need to be washed from time to time.

You can simply put it in the washing machine and use the quick wash cycle. Remember to use natural ingredients detergents only. Also, never use bleach, as it may lead to skin problems in your dog.

If you are using pajamas as after-surgery clothing for your pet, you will have to wash it more often. Wounds may bleed for a couple of days after surgery, so you will have to take particular care of the clothing.

When to Avoid Dog Pajamas?

It’s better to avoid dog pajamas during the summer. Of course, some summer nights can still be cooler, particularly at the beginning and the end of the season.

As we mentioned before, dogs with no or little fur should wear pajamas at night, but better don’t dress your long-furred German Shepherd in pajamas only because it may look cute.


Pajamas don’t only protect your pet from getting sick, but it can also look cute and funny. Pajamas may be handy during the cold night and after a bath. As you can see, there are many ways you can use them.

However, the owners need to remember that not every kind of dog will need pajamas. But in the case of small breeds like Yorkshire terrier, it is sometimes even necessary. They don’t only need pajamas, but also regular clothes when it’s cold.

It is worth getting pajamas made of high-quality airy, and easy-to-clean cotton. And one more thing: make sure that your dog likes it as much as you do.