How To Make Your Home Clean Even When You Have Pets Inside

How To Make Your Home Clean Even When You Have Pets Inside: We all love our furry friends. Well, most of the time. Pets provide love and companionship and are an endless source of entertainment. Studies even showed that pet owners tend to be happier and healthier on average!

How To Make Your Home Clean

Unfortunately, pets can also be an endless source of mess. From clouds of hair to shredded furniture and dirty pawprints, keeping your beloved pet and keeping your household clean simultaneously, may seem impossible.

How To Make Your Home Clean

Fortunately, with a few key shortcuts you won’t have to run yourself ragged, cleaning up after them and spend more time enjoying their antics.

  1. Choose the Right Vacuum

A good vacuum is a pet owner’s best friend (well, second best). Even if your pet is hypoallergenic or doesn’t shed, it’s bound to leave a mess occasionally. And Olympic shedders can clog the typical vacuum’s filter with a seemingly endless flow of hair. Investing in one of the best pet hair vacuum options on the market will save you a lot of hassle down the road. Use the upholstery attachment to rid sofas and chairs of their usual coat of pet hair and clean the filter regularly.

You might even consider a robotic vacuum to keep your floors clean without making any extra work for yourself.

A lint roller or latex glove will also come in handy for getting pet hair off your clothes.

  1. Keep Them CleanHow To Make Your Home Clean Even When You Have Pets Inside 1

A clean pet means a clean home, so make sure to stay on top of your pet’s hygiene. Give your cat or dog regular baths, especially if they spend part of their time outside. You needn’t use pet shampoo each time, just a simple rinse will do the trick.

Keeping their nails well-trimmed will also stop them from tracking in too much dirt and will limit the damage if you have a cat that likes to scratch up the furniture.

Lastly, regular brushing will help control the amount of hair your pet sheds and will keep their coats smooth and clump-free.

If you’re a cat owner, the cleanliness of the litter box can be just as vital. Cleaning your cat’s litter box at least once every other day will discourage them from doing their business elsewhere. To limit the spread of cat litter around the house, buy a hooded litter box that is large enough for your cat. Placing a matt underneath the box will also help contain the mess to the box’s immediate surroundings. It’s a breeze to vacuum, in contrast to chasing individual grains of cat litter around your house. The same goes for any pet that spends its time in a cage, like a rabbit or bird. Try to keep their bedding clean and try to limit its spread around the house.

  1. Be Prepared for SpillsHow To Make Your Home Clean Even When You Have Pets Inside 2

Any pet that has free run of the house should be toilet trained. However, spills are inevitable with even the most well-trained of dogs and cats. They may get sick or scared or knock over glasses. The key is to address the spill quickly and have a stain and odor remover on hand. Especially for urine stains, an enzyme will help neutralize any odors that could tempt your pet to go in the same spot again later.

While there are plenty of commercial options available, a simple mix of vinegar, water and a few drops of dish soap is an effective and pet friendly cleaner. Shaving cream also works in a pinch to help lift pet stains.

  1. Protect Your FurnitureHow To Make Your Home Clean Even When You Have Pets Inside 3

Has your dog adopted one of the couch cushions as his preferred napping spot? Before bemoaning the loss of your new sofa to dog hair, toss a cheap throw blanket or spare sheet over it! These will protect your furniture from wear and tear as well as pet hair, and the cover can easily be thrown in the wash.

  1. Keep it Fresh

When selecting litter or bedding for your pet, go with options that are natural, comfortable, and odor neutralizing. Similarly, when choosing cleaning products, make sure that they are pet safe. To further clear out bad odors, open up your windows and doors for some time each day and let the breeze air things out.


Having a pet should bring you joy, not stress. However, your beloved furry companions can still be troublesome, especially considering the mess they can create. While we all know what troublemakers’ cats, dogs and other pets can be, by following these simple tricks you needn’t sacrifice your pet’s happiness, your clean home or your sanity!