How to Find the Best Moving Companies in 2021

Best Moving Companies : One of the key reasons for failed moving projects is inadequate services from the experts.3 Things To Remember When Moving With Your Pets 1 As per the Better Business Bureau, every year around 7000+ customer complaints are reported. Most of these reports are related to lost or damaged items as well as unprofessional services, hidden charges, late arrivals of the movers as well as dishonoring the moving estimates.

It is crucial to ensure that you engage with a credible moving company for your moving requirements. However, finding the right moving company is not as easy as it may sound.

Moving is a stressful task ad it must be handled by experts. After all, customers expect experts to offer them reliable services and eliminate the stress associated with the entire process. So, how do you ensure that you partner with a reliable moving company and get the best services? Well, we have made this guide with some easy to follow steps that help you identify the best movers in the over-crowded moving service market.

A little more effort and time can save you from big troubles. So let’s get started:

1. Getting referrals is the best3 Things To Remember When Moving With Your Pets 2

While it is always possible to do an internet search and find potential moving companies, calling each one of them and getting the details is a daunting task. So, how to make your search easier? Well, you can always connect with some friends and family as well as coworkers can prove very helpful.

You can get great recommendations from your social circle which will help you make the search easier. You can also contact your real estate agent and ask for a referral. You will save a lot of time and resources when working through the referral way.

2. Get three or more estimates

The thumb rule of comparing moving companies is to compare well before you settle for a price. The rule of three means that you must get moving quotes from at least 3 different moving companies and compare them. Make sure that the quote is an in-person estimate as there is no chance that a company can offer you an exact estimate without evaluating your moving inventory first.

3. Have a keen eye for red flags

When you get moving estimates, e watchful for red flags. There are many things to notice such as the company’s demand for a cash deposit. It is important to note that the most reputable moving companies do not ask for an advance deposit. If the company does appear as if they want your money bad, consider it as a red flag.

Also, check the level of professionalism the company shows. If they arrive late for the moving estimate review, they sure aren’t committed to their services. Also, if the company representative is unable to answer your doubts, consider it as a red flag. Finally, if the movers arrive at your home in a rented van, they aren’t a legit moving company. The best movers always have their own moving equipment.

4. Check the mover’s license and insurance status

Every licensed interstate moving company is issued a U.S. DOT number by the U.S. Department of Transportation Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration. When moving out of state and looking for an interstate mover, you must check the licensing number and judge the credibility of the movers.

Also, ask the movers about their insurance policy and what all is covered under it. The insurance details, as well as the U.S. DOT number, are very important details when filing a claim against the moving company.

5. Better Business Bureau report

Best Moving Companies

BBB; Better Business Bureau is a credible moving company review and rating platform. They offer very reliable results and can be trusted fully when searching for a credible moving company. Before you engage with a moving company, check its profile with BB and find out its rating. If the company is not listed with the BBB, consider it as a red flag.

6. Check the website

The best moving companies have a well-organized and customer-friendly website. The website is not only attractive but also has all the important details about the movers including their office address and contact details. If the company does not have an office address on the website, again it is a red flag. If it does, you must verify the address physically and make sure that it belongs to the company only.

7. Read user reviews

Reading user reviews offer you a great insight into the company and its modes of operation. You can easily find out how the company deals with its customers and what are the loopholes in their services. You can get a first-hand account of the movers and their service efficacy.

Finding the best moving company is crucial. These are some of the must-check factors about movers. You must use all the above-mentioned tips and ensure that you find the best movers who are dedicated to their job and ensure that you enjoy a safe and hassle-free moving experience.


3 Things To Remember When Moving With Your Pets