How Is the Smell of Kratom Powder?

If you’ve just entered the world of kratom, you probably wonder how this famous plant smells. Its aroma depends on the strain and a particular product’s overall quality, but the notes are nearly identical in most products, including various powders.

Before exploring how and where to buy kratom powder, let’s see how it smells and how its aroma may affect you. That way, you’ll find high-quality products, avoid rip-offs, and enjoy a fantastic experience.

How Is the Smell of Kratom Powder? 5

Kratom powder’s distinctive aroma

If you’ve ever tried matcha or green tea, then you know how kratom powder smells. Its earthy aroma resembles those delightful beverages. It even has a similar flavor, so you’ll enjoy it if you’re used to that familiar hint of bitterness, although it is significantly more bitter and earthy.

Green vein strains have a more earthy and herbal aroma than their white and red vein counterparts. That means they typically smell almost identical to green tea.

Many users on various online forums have reported different powders having a musty or incense-like aroma, but that didn’t seem to affect their experience.

Others say kratom powder has a pungent smell, but that depends on the strain. Some are more intense, while others smell so mild that you might think they’re not kratom at all. That shouldn’t worry you if you choose a reliable vendor.

All users agree that a more intense kratom aroma means a fresh product, so keep that in mind when smelling samples or opening a bag of powder you’ve purchased online.

Does kratom powder cause bad breath?

Bad breath is one of the most prevalent concerns among kratom enthusiasts. Unfortunately, kratom powder can cause bad breath, but only if you use the “toss and wash” method.

That method involves placing the powder on your tongue and washing it down with water or other beverage. Like any other powder, it may not wash down entirely, so it can stick to your teeth, the back of your tongue, and the roof of your mouth.

Many users have reported the powder sticking at the back of their throat like a cemented paste, causing bad breath even after drinking plenty of water.

That’s why it might be best to mix your kratom powder with water or use it to brew tea.

Still, you could get bad breath from kratom regardless of how you consume it. That’s because dry mouth is one of the potential kratom side effects.

Not drinking enough water before and after kratom use could decrease saliva production. Without that buffer against bacteria, your breath could start to smell. Drink plenty of water and maintain good oral hygiene to keep your salivary glands healthy and avoid bad breath.

How to find high-quality kratom

How Is the Smell of Kratom Powder? 6

Finding high-quality kratom that smells fresh and contains only natural ingredients can be a time-consuming process. Still, extensive research is necessary for avoiding potential rip-offs and weeding out unreliable providers. Here are the essential steps to take.

Read online reviews and testimonials.

Other people’s experiences with specific brands, their products, and different kratom strains can help you make an informed decision. You can learn more about kratom safety, potential risks, and various brands’ services, including pricing, shipping, delivery, support, and refund policies.

Google Reviews, Trustpilot, and Yelp are some examples of review sites where you can explore customer experiences, but they have many fake reviews. Reddit might be your go-to source of authentic information.

Check for third-party lab testing.

Third-party lab testing is a crucial aspect of every reputable kratom vendor. Independent labs are unbiased, conducting quality, purity, and potency control testing to ensure products meet industry standards.

Once you shortlist top-rated providers, check their websites for Certificates of Analysis. Contact the vendor directly if you can’t find a dedicated page for lab test results. They’ll gladly show you the reports if they have nothing to hide.

Kratom Powder

Trust your nose.

Now that you know how kratom powder smells, you can select fresh products when visiting your nearest shop. Be wary of odd aromas resembling wet dirt because that could indicate improper storage that allowed moisture to get inside the container.

What about buying online? Order a small sample to check the smell and overall quality. Once you confirm you can trust a particular vendor and their products, you can order more and even get a discount for bulk purchases.


Whether you plan on using kratom powder or raw or dried leaves, use your sense of smell to tell the difference between quality products and potential rip-offs. Your nose will know if a vendor tries to mask poor quality with unnatural ingredients.