Get the most out of your dog walks

dog walks

Walking your dog regularly can improve the physical and mental health of both you and your furry friend. Remember that your dog desires to see the world, so confining them to your home for too long can lead to destructive behavior, boredom, and many others. Because your pooch depends on you to take them out, it’s important to consider various factors. This article will explain the best ways you can get the most out of your dog walks.

Use a traditional leash

Get the most out of your dog walks 1

You should avoid retractable leashes for your dog walks. This is because retractable leashes can cause more hazards than traditional leashes. Many retractable leashes have a length that makes it hard to control your dog, especially in areas with a lot of traffic.

Think about it, your dog can try to run into the street, but these leashes are hard to reel in. They also feature a lock that can be hard to disengage when you put enough pressure. Even worse, they are known to cause many humans and dogs injuries.

You see, grabbing on the leash to get more support while your furry friend is moving can cause severe burns. Also, when your canine reaches the end of the leash, the sudden jerk can cause serious injuries to them. For these reasons, you should consider using normal leashes, especially for normal walks.

Take with you plenty of waterGet the most out of your dog walks 2

For any dog walk that takes more than half an hour or walking in hot weather, you should always bring with you a lot of water for your pooch. Keep in mind that dogs usually find it hard to regulate their temperature, making them easy to overheat. Besides this, dogs sweat when they are panting, so they can easily get dehydrated while taking a walk in warm weather.

Hence, you should get a collapsible water bottle for your dog and a container for yourself. Water bottles with a lid can be pretty easier for your pooch to drink out of. Also, it should have clips so that you can carry it easily.

Dog walking bootsGet the most out of your dog walks 3

This is perhaps another important factor you should consider. However, there are a variety of dog walking boots out there, making it difficult to choose the right ones for you. A good pair of dog walking boots as recommended by can be a good choice for dog walking. It also makes sense to go for such types of boots because they are safe, comfortable, and durable.

The type of terrain will determine the right type of dog walking shoes that are suitable for you. Therefore, you should think about the outsole because its rubber section offers grip, traction, and stability. Below are some types of outsoles you can find on the market:

Vibram sole units

Vibram sole units are known for their high quality and. They are also durable and waterproof boots that provide the right grip and traction. They are designed for various outdoor conditions, making them a great choice wearing them for dog walks.

Rubber sole units

These boots are made from rubber, and their soles are fitted to the boot casing using traditional stitching methods. Rubber soles are ideal for wet weather conditions because they provide enough grip, though they may not be as durable as Vibram soles.

Leather sole units

These dog walking boots are usually suitable for everyday dog walks. This is because they don’t offer an adequate grip, stability, or traction. Therefore, you should not use them regularly, especially while walking in poor terrain.

Lastly, Walking your dog can be a very healthy activity for you and your pooch. It can get the two  of you outside, which is especially important if your dog has a sedentary job. It can get blood flowing and muscles moving and also relieve stress.  Make sure that the  communication between the two of you is unambiguous and very clear. The daily trip will be worth looking forward to if both of you enjoy it.