First-time Dog Owner Must Know These Facts About Having a Fur Baby

Dogs can be one of the best companions in life — loyal and loving, but let’s face it: your new addition to your family will whine, bite, chew your shoes and soil your new carpet.

Thankfully, training and taking care of your dog are tasks you can easily overcome when you put your heart to it, but what’s next, actually?

First-time Dog Owner Must Know These Facts About Having a Fur Baby 13

To help you, we compiled a list of things and tips every first-time dog owner needs to know.

The responsibility of pet ownership is HUGE.

Being a dog-owner is akin to being a parent, so before you jump the gun, make sure you fully understand the responsibilities of having a dog.

Owning a dog costs money.

Like us, dogs need a lot of supplies to feel comfortable and happy. Fortunately, there are a lot of places you can visit where you can get your dog’s essentials and toys. Shopping for the first time can be confusing and overwhelming. With that in mind, we compiled a list of supplies that you should consider buying right away:First-time Dog Owner Must Know These Facts About Having a Fur Baby 14

  • Water/ Food Bowl
  • High-quality Dog Food
  • A collar, and a leash
  • Identification tags
  • Dog shampoo
  • Puppy/dog training pads
  • Clippers
  • Dog Bed
  • Chew toys
  • Treats

When buying chew toys and treats, you have to find out what your dog likes first. Some like squeaky balls, some like a good ole’ chew bone.

Seeing the long list of dog supplies you need to buy, having a dog can affect your budget. It is undeniably hard to maintain a dog, but having a fur baby is worth the expenses for its priceless comfort and love. For people who require the extra money boost, getting a loan can help you buy the needed supplies. To start, suggests reviewing your account for any incorrect listing beforehand and fixing your credit first if ever you’ve found one.

Dog-friendly home is a thing.

Aside from stocking up on dog supplies, making your home dog-friendly is also crucial for every dog-owner, so before you bring your dog home, prepare your space first.

Ahead is a list of some small changes you should consider:First-time Dog Owner Must Know These Facts About Having a Fur Baby 15

  • Put strong locks on cabinets and kitchen cupboards, especially if they contain harmful items like products for cleaning.
  • Block access to off-limits rooms or garden plants that are toxic to dogs.
  • Move breakables, especially if it is treasured and valued — to higher ground where your dogs can’t reach, and ensure these items remained intact.
  • Use a pet gate at the bottom of your stair to prevent your dog from falls or serious injuries.
  • Make sure that electrical cords are safely hidden and inaccessible to your dogs.
  • Make sure windows are locked or equipped with screens and bar.

You can’t skip dog training.

Dogs need training. If you don’t want a soiled couch or a chewed up slipper, this is crucial to spend your first few weeks with your dog peaceful and happy.

To start, your dog has to undergo obedience training. No worries, this training is not all just about obedience; it can also be one of the best ways to bond with your dog. Of course, being a first-time dog owner may leave you in a bind. Luckily, there are tons of resources online to help you teach your dogs the basic obedience class. With consistent training, your dog can learn to sit down, stay, come, loose-leash walking in no time at all. You can also First-time Dog Owner Must Know These Facts About Having a Fur Baby 16take your dog to an obedience class at your local animal shelter or training school.

House training is also important as well to keep your house clean and your dog safe from falls and injuries.Plus, always keep your treats and praise ready as a reward when you see your dog doing something good and right.

Without the proper training, you might be frustrated with your dog and even put your them in danger.

A reliable vet plays a big role in your dog’s health.

As helpful as the Internet can be, a reliable and good veterinarian is unrivaled when it comes to taking care of your dog’s well-being. When getting a puppy, you need to schedule appointment right away for check-ups and vaccination.

All dogs need a balanced and healthy diet.

Canine diet and nutrition are pivotal in keeping your dog healthy. Before buying a dog food, ask around for advice from friends and families that already have a dog. It is important to remember that puppies and adult dogs have separate dietary needs.

First-time Dog Owner Must Know These Facts About Having a Fur Baby 17For a puppy, you need to give them foods that can easily be digested. Also, pick a product designed for growth. As puppies also have small stomachs, they need smaller but more frequent meals than mature dogs.

For mature dog’s diet, choose balanced and high-quality foods. Remember as well that dry foods also keep a dog’s teeth clean. Plus, always check the packaging to see the ingredients.

Fur-babies love to socialize, but give them time to settle down first.

Dogs are inherently social animals, but give your dog the time to settle down first. Make sure that your dog is trained to basic commands and has complete vaccinations before exposing them to other dogs and other people.

Leash law is a must.

When you and your dog are both ready to visit nearby dog park for a walk, don’t forget to use a leash. Although your dog is used to walking off-leash and loose-leash, you should still First-time Dog Owner Must Know These Facts About Having a Fur Baby 18abide by leash law, especially if the place enforces it. Plus, it will also save you from the traumatic experience of losing your dog in one of your walks.

Be willing to adjust your schedule for your dog.

All of this transition time for your dog can take time. The best thing to do is to be patient with your new dog. We hate to break it to you, but dogs can be unruly and they won’t meet every expectation you have.

Thus, to keep this transition easy and comfortable, make sure that you are willing to adjust your schedule for them.


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