Chinese Quotes about Love and Marriage

Chinese Quotes about Love and Marriage: Chinese people are famous for Eastern wisdom. The country was closed to foreigners, so they kept it intact. They created their own system of ethical values that serves as a guide in their life. When a person is looking for a relationship, he tries to meet a girl online. But when a person needs life wisdom, he searches for Chinese quotes related to love and marriage.Chinese Quotes about Love and Marriage 1

We will share the best Chinese quotes for love, and break them down for you.

I show my honesty by holding your hand and growing old with you.

The Chinese put their families over anything else. They say that they will commit to someone only when they are sure that they want to spend the rest of their life with that person. A man promises his partner that they will be forever together. This way, he reveals his sincere intentions in front of her family and relatives.

In heaven, we will be birds flying side by side, and on earth, we will be a couple, flowering twigs on one tree.

This is the most romantic way to express love. This quote is used only when a man is 100% sure in his feelings and wants to confess it to the girl. The Chinese don’t use the word heaven as the rest of the world does. This means that the quote is a little bit adapted. However, the point is straightforward.

Everyone loves it in their own way. Chinese Quotes about Love and Marriage 2

We are all different. This quote teaches us not to have unreal expectations for love. Each love story is unique, so it is better to pay attention to the details in the relationship. The differences are present, but they shouldn’t stand between both of you.

Beauty is in the eye of the beholder. Love is blind.

People in love notice things that others don’t. They find beautiful things in their significant other and appreciate them. Someone that loves you won’t even notice your flaws. They will fall in love with every part of your body. Partners that are in love don’t see each other’s faults.

Lovers finally together, everything will be fine.

The Chinese culture is rich with sad love stories. These kinds of stories are made of adventures and problems that keep the partners apart. The main characters struggle and fight for their true love. This specific quote is used at the end of the stories. The artists remind the readers that true love always finds its way. This quote is usually used when the lovers get together after some time.

The flower leaning towards the stream is full of desire, but the waters of the stream are insensitive. A wilted flower yearns for love, but a heartless stream flows on.

Chinese Quotes about Love and Marriage 3Chinese people value every minute of their life. Time and life are represented by the stream. No matter what happens, the stream goes on. You shouldn’t sit and wait for the things to come to your hands. Instead, take some action to achieve our goals and wishes.

If you want to find someone else’s heart, then never abandon them.

Abandonment and true love don’t go in the same sentence. You can’t love someone that you don’t know. And you can’t get to know the people that you don’t spend time with. If someone really matters to you, you should never abandon the person. As you are together, your love will grow.

The lover can live only with water. Without love, you starve, having food. 

Love is a strong force that can influence people. It can make them do unexpected things. Love brings colors to life. Without it, life would be dull and boring. Everyone needs to be loved. True happiness comes with your significant other. You can be very reach or healthy, but true happiness is having someone you really love.

He who drinks water must remember those who dug a well.Chinese Quotes about Love and Marriage 4

At first glance, you might think that this quote isn’t connected to love. In this sentence, it is all about respect. The well symbolizes a place where you get the life energy. They often say “family well”, as the family is the source of help for the individual. The quote says that you should be thankful to your family for their support. Don’t take your wife for granted. Be thankful for her support, and return it back.

Fate unites people no matter how far they can be from each other.

Fate is very important for Chinese people. If you and your partner believe in fate, use this quote to provoke romantic feelings. Statistics reveal that partners believe in fate and that Chinese Quotes about Love and Marriage 5their relationship is meant to be will be happy together. You can use this quote after a misunderstanding to guarantee that the  argument ends on a good note. This simple thing is crucial for keeping your relationship.



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