Cannabis Inhalers May Become The Next Asthma Medication & Cancer Pain Reliever

Research has proven the capacity of medicinal marijuana to help treat body conditions and illnesses. This ability lies in the chemical composition that the plant contains. After the conduct of clinical trials, it is now used to soothe and treat pain, inflammation, seizure, and other health complications.Cannabis Inhalers May Become The Next Asthma Medication & Cancer Pain Reliever 1

It was also found out that cannabis-infused products such as CBD oils contain therapeutic properties that make it different from any other prescribed medications. If you want to have an idea about marijuana-based products, you can visit American Marijuana.

Marijuana for Asthma Medication

Asthma or bronchospasm is a chronic and long-term inflammatory lung disease characterized when a person’s airways swell and narrow. Difficulty in breathing, coughing, chest pains, as well as wheezing are some of the asthma’s observed symptoms. Unfortunately, there is no known cure for such health condition. Thus, careful management Cannabis Inhalers May Become The Next Asthma Medication & Cancer Pain Reliever 2of symptoms and complications are the least possible ways to treat and handle asthma. 

Asthmatics, however, relied much on inhalers to relieve and control acute symptoms that occur anytime during an attack. Through such preventions, medications, and help from this “breathing tools”, they can sensibly deal with asthma. However, asthma and its persistent attacks can really be exhausting sometimes. But inhalers and any conventional medications are not guarantees for long-time relief. That is why patients are looking for an alternative solution.

It has been a long, undying issue of whether medical marijuana can worsen or treat asthma. But more and more studies are now pointing out how cannabis can benefit and help out an asthmatic. 

According to research, existing asthma treatments focus on preventing or managing disease symptoms but cannot cure asthma. Inhalers, for instance, contain adrenergic or adrenaline-like stimulants which can alleviate the effects of the disease but can produce side effects. It is still suggested to find alternatives. 

Since Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is observed to trigger anxiety, the use of cannabidiol (CBD) is a more suitable asthma treatment. However, both are still known to possess various health benefits due to its anti-spasmodic and anti-inflammatory properties. Cannabis Inhalers May Become The Next Asthma Medication & Cancer Pain Reliever 3

However, things changed with the approval of United States Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to the usage of a purified form of CBD in June 2018. They found out through thorough observations that THC can aid in controlling the immune system. With that being said, this type of cannabis can be linked to the avoidance of symptoms brought about by autoimmune diseases such as asthma. 

One specific animal research also suggested that there is a specific type of THC that might contain bronchodilatory properties which can ease an asthmatic’s breathing struggles. While there are changes to marijuana regulations, experts still find it difficult to investigate on marijuana and its effects. Users tend to exploit the whole plant and smoked with it regularly. Therefore, far more research is still essential to confirm CBD’s safety and effectiveness. 

Marijuana for Cancer Medication

Cannabis has been used as an herbal remedy for over a decade now. True enough, the plant still lacks formal research. However, scientists have identified many biologically active components of marijuana. These biological components are collectively called cannabinoids.

The US Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) listed marijuana as Schedule I substances. This fact makes it hard for people to access the drug even for medical purposes.

A number of small studies found out that marijuana can be helpful in treating the side effects of chemotherapy to cancer patients such as nausea and vomiting. It was also found out that smoking cannabis can be useful for treating neuropathic pain caused by damaged nerves in cancer patients.

Cannabis Inhalers May Become The Next Asthma Medication & Cancer Pain Reliever 4
Marijuana and wheat mixed flour for making pastries

Both cancer and its treatment can lead to pain. When a person undergoes chemotherapy, inflammation of some organs occurs as a side effect. Severe pain can sometimes become resistant to opioids. Moreover, cannabis is a helpful alternative in treating the pain caused by cancer and its medications. CBD indirectly acts on the CB2 receptors of the body, which helps in the treatment of pain.

On the other hand, cancer patients also experience frequent nausea. However, there are anti-nausea effects of cannabis that can be found in THC, but this compound produces side effects, so using it as a medicinal alternative is not that advisable. 

Moreover, some people wonder about using CBD for cancer prevention. The National Cancer Cannabis Inhalers May Become The Next Asthma Medication & Cancer Pain Reliever 5Institute (NCI) reviewed numerous studies and found mixed results. According to one of the studies, they evaluated, 64, 855 men from the United States found that cannabis reduced tobacco-related risks of cancer. However, the same research also found out that cannabis smokers who never smoked tobacco have higher chances of prostate cancer. 

Due to these facts, using CBD does not guarantee cancer prevention. However, the fact that it can help to alleviate the pain and symptoms of this disease must also be taken into consideration.

A CBD Wrap-Up

While cannabinoids have exhibited great agents to the treatment of various diseases or disorders such as asthma and cancer, further evaluation of mechanisms for their therapeutic properties is still necessary. 

In terms of asthma, the issue whether cannabis can help treat it remains unclear. Even if numerous studies suggest that marijuana imparts excellent benefits, one cannot still assure of its effectiveness when smoked as a whole. 

Cannabis Inhalers May Become The Next Asthma Medication & Cancer Pain Reliever 6

Whereas on the subject of cancer, cannabis helps with the side-effects of cancer, particularly on chemotherapy. However, this claim must still be validated by experts. 

All in all, it is with much consideration that one should talk to a doctor first if he/she wishes to use medical marijuana. In this way, patients would know if they are using the product in a manner which they will be safe from any risks. Make yourself knowledgeable with the myths on medical cannabis and take it today with much caution. 




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