Can Zulresso Cure PPD?

There’s good news for women suffering from postpartum depression. FDA just approved the first drug, Zulresso to treat postpartum depression.

Also known as baby blue, postpartum depression is a condition that affects more than 70% of women in the US every year. For some women, it can be life-threatening as it can lead to suicidal tendencies if left untreated.

Can Zulresso Cure PPD? 9

It isn’t something that you can snap out of it. It’s real. I know this because I have experienced some of my close friends go through it. The fourth trimester isn’t easy. Suddenly, we have a life to support and look after, often little or no support. And so, the need for effective treatment of postpartum depression is crucial. However, the news of this new drug is being received with mixed feelings.

Zulresso – The Magic Pill to Cure Baby Blues

Developed by Sage Therapeutics, Zulresso is the first antidepressant drug to specifically treat postpartum depression. This month the FDA approved Zulresso as an effective remedy for postpartum depression.

With every new drug being released in the market, there’s always a debate surroundings its pros and cons; and whether it would really work. Before you talk to your doctor about Zulresso, let’s talk about Zulresso in depth.

Symptoms of PPD

If a new mother is experiencing the following symptoms, she should seek medical Can Zulresso Cure PPD? 10attention:

  • Anxiety
  • Mood swings
  • Depression
  • Sadness
  • Feeling overwhelmed
  • Crying
  • Suicidal tendencies
  • Lack of appetite

Seeking postpartum depression for PPD is crucial for new moms. Often, it becomes a barrier for mothers to bond with their children. They find it difficult to continue with their normal lives. Social life is the first thing to suffer. In extreme cases, new mothers often try to commit suicide.

The Debate Surrounding Zulresso

Like any other drug in the market, Zulresso has also been tested on human subjects before getting its approval from the FDA.

Clinical trials were conducted. These show a decline of depression scores by two-thirds in depressed women. There was a placebo trial, where women who were treated with the placebo also showed a decrease in depression scores by almost half.

Right now, Zulresso is still in its initial stages. Sage Therapeutics is monitoring the effects of the drug closely at this point so it’s only available through a restricted program, the ZULRESSO REMS

The drug is given through IV. For Zulresso to be administered, you have to remain in the hospital for 60 hours. That’s because some potential side effects of the drug include dizziness, and even unconscious. This means you aren’t the position to stay at home, much less look after a newborn baby. The mother won’t be able to with at home with her baby.

Even after those 60 hours of treatment, you might feel groggy or sleepy. For this reason, women receiving the treatment cannot drive or take part in any strenuous activity.

Can Zulresso Cure PPD? 11The question then is, who will look after the baby. Not every mother has the benefit of having a supportive family who will take care of the child while she is at the hospital getting this much-needed treatment.

Added to that, the price of the drug is whooping $34,000 dollars! I don’t believe that the average American woman would be able to pay the amount for one treatment unless there’s insurance in the picture.

I don’t want to paint a negative picture but currently, it seems like Zulresso isn’t for everyone. While the drug shows promising results, not everyone can benefit from the drug. For Zulresso to be effective, the new mother must get the treatment. But it seems not everyone will be able to get one.

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Can Zulresso Cure PPD? 12

We hope that Zulresso will finally be able to become a solution for PPD because this is a big issue and it needs immediate attention.




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