What are Some of the Best Paid Text to Speech Converters?

Dyslexia can leave a student feeling like the world is crashing down around them.

The text to speech sector is full of so many different companies trying to prove that their product is superior to someone else’s. Even though there are a ton of companies that have a simple, free product, some of them are actually quite sophisticated and do cost money.

Just because something is free does not mean that it is not as good as a paid option, but with most of the text to speech converters on the market, you are going to need to spend money to get quality.

It all depends on what your needs are as a user and what price point is going to get the job done for you in the most effective way.

In this post, I will point out some of the text to speech converters that are making big waves in the industry with their great products. In no particular order here they are below!

NaturalTTSWhat are Some of the Best Paid Text to Speech Converters? 1

The first company on the list is a company called Naturalltts. They have a nice free version for beginners, but they also have a fully decked out paid version to check out.

Their paid version lets you adjust SSML features such as tone, speed, and volume of the custom voice. You also do have access to over 60 natural sounding voices, so it really does give you a massive bang for your buck.

Google Cloud Text to Speech

Next on the list is from the giant company of Google. Obviously, Google is going to produce high-quality products in a lot of niches that are getting big. Their program is not super public about how much it costs, but it does seem like there is a paid version.

Go ahead and check them out and see if the features are what you have been waiting for!


The third company worth mentioning is a relatively new company on the scene called Resemble. They have had great reviews on the web, and it looks like they have a great product for users that works.

ReadspeakerWhat are Some of the Best Paid Text to Speech Converters? 2

The last company that I will mention is Readspeaker, which is an offline and online text to speech provider.

A great thing that just shows how excellent this product is the great reviews online and the amount of perfect 5-star ratings. Something that really sticks out with Readspeaker is that they have the capability to convert web pages, media, eBooks, and all kinds of other formats.

If you are using a converter that does not work with some of your desired mediums, then maybe Readspeaker is here to save the day.

And there you have it for a brief list of four of the top companies that you should be checking out if you are in the market to get a premium plan with a text to speech converter. If you have found other great ones to check out, then please let us know!

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