7 Best Vet-Recommended Kitten Foods

As a person who loves kittens, it’s only natural to want the very best for them. After all, they’re just little babies! They need lots of love and care. If you have been blessed with a new kitten or are thinking about getting one soon, then this article is designed just for you! We’ve compiled a list of the seven best vet-recommended kitten foods to keep your little friend satisfied, healthier, and happier.

Kitten Foods

1. Healthy Gourmet Kitten Food

If you’ve ever picked up a bag of Healthy Gourmet Kitten Food, then you know why it was an easy choice for this list. It’s basically the perfect combination of taste and nutrition at an affordable price! Any cat-lover knows how hard it can be to take care of kitties while on a budget…and most of us want what’s best for them. This food contains a high amount of protein that will ensure they grow up to be healthy and strong with sharp minds! This kitten food also contains phosphorus and calcium for strong bones and healthy muscles.

2. Hill Science Diet Kitten Food

7 Best Vet-Recommended Kitten Foods 5

The truth of the matter is that not all types of food are appropriate for your kitty cat. Some brands of adult cat food contain ingredients that can be harmful to kittens under a year old. So if you intend to feed your new kitten food that will provide them with the nutrients they need, then you’ll want to consider Hill Science Diet Cat Food. This is a product that can be used from when they’re still nursing all the way up until they reach twelve months of age.


Kittens need their tummies filled on a regular basis to stay happy and healthy. It’s recommended that you feed your kitten small meals about 5 times a day when they are still babies under the age of 12 weeks old. Once they reach 12 weeks, it would be a good idea to reduce the number of daily feedings down to 3 per day instead.

Unfortunately, life can get in the way sometimes and make it difficult to do this regularly. But what if you don’t want to run down to your friendly neighborhood store every time they get hungry? Well, you should consider investing in IAMS Proactive Health Dry Cat Food. This product is designed specifically for kittens who are reaching kittenhood between the ages of 12-20 weeks old.

4. NUTRO MAX Kitten Wet Cat Food

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Just like babies need specific types of food, so too do kittens under a year old! If you’re looking for wet food that will provide your little kitty friend with essential nutrients like protein, then try out NUTRO Max Wet Cat Food. It comes in six-ounce containers that are easy to store. The cans are not only recyclable, but they’re also made with 25% less plastic than standard wet cat food containers! You might say that they’re doing their part for the environment by reducing unnecessary waste.

5. Purina Cat Chow Complete Kitten Food

If you have ever purchased any type of food from Purina, then you already know what a great brand it is. They’ve been around for decades and have consistently provided consumers with amazing products at affordable prices. Their number one priority is creating healthy choices for your furry pal, especially if they are still under the age of twelve months old! This particular product contains real chicken which is very important because kittens need protein to grow!

6. Royal Canin Kitten Food

As you probably already know, your little kitty friend requires a special type of food in order to stay healthy and active. If you ever want to see them clean their plate at every mealtime, then try out Royal Canin Wet Cat Food. It comes in individual packages with easy-to-open tabs that are ready for immediate consumption by your pet. This food is made from great ingredients like lean proteins, vitamins, and minerals that will promote excellent health inside and out!

7. Wellness CORE Natural Grain-Free Dry Kitten Food

Last but not least, there is yet another great option for cats under the age of one year old. This kitten food comes in small bite-sized chunks that are easy to break apart. Your little buddy will most definitely enjoy this type of dry food which contains real chicken and fish!

Various kinds of food are beneficial for your kitten to eat on a daily basis. The seven types mentioned above have all been recommended by vets and have received great reviews from consumers as well. If you’re looking to keep your kitty healthy, then give any one of these products a try.