5 Things You Need To Have Before Getting a Dog

Whether you choose to get a rescue or purchase one from a private store, bringing a canine into your home is a big responsibility.There are many things you need to know to properly take care of a dog before getting a dog . Not only that, but you might also need to have many items around the house for a canine. However, you need to pick your favorite breed first. Woof Bark Growl can provide plenty of essential information that can help you choose.

Before Getting a Dog

Once you have decided your breed, get these five items before bringing your dog home.

Comfortable Bed

The first thing that you need for a dog is a comfortable bed. Unless you want your new friend to sleep with you in your bed.

Dogs can usually sleep for around 12 hours every day, which is why you might need to get extra cushioning on the bed as well. If your dog is not trained, then you might want to look at easily washable options. Even if it is trained, your dog might shed fur or make the bed dirty with its feet.

It might also be useful to take your dog’s height, weight, and fur into account when buying a bed.

Feeding Bowls

Feeding bowls are another very essential item that you need to have in your home. Keep in mind that you will need to get at least two bowls, one for food and another for water. It might also be useful to get one more as a spare.

When shopping, you should consider going for the stainless steel options. The reason is that they are less likely to get damaged, and they can be easily sterilized in hot water.

Harness/Collar with an ID Tag

To keep your doggy in control, you need to get a harness or a collar. A harness is generally most suitable for puppies, as big dogs like to be freer.

When you buy a collar, make sure that it isn’t too tight. Otherwise, it might irritate the dog. You can try to fix two of your fingers between the collar and your dog’s neck. If they properly fit, then that size is perfect.

Other than the collar or harness, you need to get a dog tag. Just in case your four-legged buddy gets lost, someone can read the label and bring it to you. Also, you can get a microchip in your dog. It will help you track it down yourself, as someone might steal your dog otherwise.

The Right Leash

When you go out to walk your dog, having a leash is essential. You can get one with a clip that can easily be attached and removed whenever there is a need. You can also look into a retractable leash. It can be great to give your dog more freedom in open spaces.

If you are planning on a regular leash, then be very careful about its size. If you are deciding to get a small canine, then look for a 4-foot long leash. You can check out six-foot-long leash options if you have a rather large dog.


Dogs have a natural instinct of chewing on objects. That is why they might start gnawing on various items around the house.

When you are browsing toys, try to get small ones that are easy to clean and sterilize. You should also make sure they can’t break, or else your dog might end up choking on a part. Whether you choose to buy online or in stores, look at chew toys, balls, ropes, flying discs, and squeaky ones.