5 Reasons Why You Should Cat Proof Your Home

Cats like to paw and chew and that is the number one reason why you should cat-proof your home. In addition to this, there are some places in the home that can be dangerous for cats to chew and paw, hence, cat-proofing such places can protect the life of your cat.

The following reasons are also important considerations when it comes to cat-proofing your home

To Protect the Cat from Unhealthy Plants

House plants can add beautiful color to the interior of your home but constant exposure of cats to such plants can make them sick. Plants such as mistletoe, lilies, and Philodendron are toxic plants for most animals that are exposed to them. You need to be sure that any cut flowers you are adding to your home are not toxic to your very active cats. Cat proofing your home against dangerous plants will protect your cat from certain allergic illnesses.

They paw and chew Just Anything

Just like babies, cats like to explore the world around them with their sense, however, their sharp paws and teeth, as well as their playful nature, make cats destructive in nature. They will play with whatever they find on the ground and these include; strings, plastic bags, ribbons, small pieces of board games, sewing supplies, and hair ties. Loose items are particularly easier for these animals to tear and even swallow while dangling cords of electronics and appliances can be enticing to young kittens. Make sure you keep all these items away from your cat or cat-proof them if they can’t be moved. Furniture, telephone wires, and the curtain tie-backs must be cat-proof also.

To Protect Window Screens and Window Panes

Cats are known to snuggle on the windowpanes to get some warmth from the sunlight. Windowpanes perhaps some of the best natural spots for cats and at the same time, these are spots where you will find most of the cat’s scratches. If the screen of the windows is not properly locked. That may put your cat in a very dangerous condition. You should consider cat-proof window screens alongside cat-proof binds. These cat-proof screens will not only protect your cat and your windows, but they also last longer than the regular window screens and they cannot be torn easily.

It Helps in Teaching Your Cat Some Behavioral Lessons

When your cat suddenly realizes that some of her favorite places have been cat-proof, she will learn to stay away from such places or stop scratching and chewing on them. It can be tough for your cat to learn new rules, it is, therefore, important to take it slow with training the animal. Some cats might avoid loose objects on the floor or lose electronics wires, but find it easier to climb curtains and jump off the shelves, you should consider getting her a pet-friendly room while she is learning new behavioral rules. While addressing safety concerns in the home, you should consider redirecting your cat to the much safer places until she gets used to such.

Cat-proofing Protects Your Cat from Unsafe Hot Spots

Cats enjoy warmth within and outside of the home, it is, therefore, important to keep them safe especially in areas where they take the warmth. One of such places is the fireplace. You need to make the fireplace, or woodstove unattractive for the cat to nap, in addition to cat-proofing the place. You may want to make climbing to hot spots more difficult for the cat in order to dissuade her from reach such places. Make sure appliances such as electric heaters are unplugged, especially when they are not in use. If the heaters are plugged in, make sure they are regulated to keep the entire family safe from over-heating.


Sometimes, distracting your cat could be the best way to cat-proof your home. For this reason, you should stock up on the cat’s favorite toys. Getting her the favorite toys will keep her busy and she will likely stay out of trouble. Most cats would love to play with the fake mice and jingling balls.  The jingling balls will be a better option because of the noise they create to help you determine the location of the cat. You should expect the cat to alternate between playing with toys and napping on your laps.

It is also important to consider keeping all lids close as a form of cat-proofing procedures, the reason being that cats always look for water in places where they can take sips at different times of the day. It is quite easy for the cat to drink from bathroom toilets which can be unsafe for the animal. Make sure containers like garbage bins are closed to prevent the cat from taking water from unhealthy sources. Make sure the water troughs or container of the cat are constantly filled with clean water.




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