5 Must Know Facts About CBD Oil For Dogs


Facts About CBD Oil For Dogs

Facts About CBD Oil For Dogs :

Keeping up with new wellness trends can be not only fun, but also rather helpful. For example, you might find out that the Cannabidiol you always wanted to learn more about is now also being given to our dogs. Well, that confirms it. You are far behind on your research about this particular substance and all the products that are being made from it, meaning that you need to step up your game and accelerate the learning process.

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If the idea of giving CBD oil to dogs surprised you, don’t worry. You are definitely not the only one that was taken by surprise after learning that Cannabidiol can be rather useful for animals. You may, however, be among the rare ones who haven’t yet done the necessary research and gained extensive knowledge about this product and its connection to our pets. That’s about to change, since you’ll learn a lot of great things that you absolutely must know about CBD oil for dogs if you simply keep on reading.

I could spend the time telling you about the history of Cannabidiol and when and how it was that it first got introduced to the world of animals, but I suppose that you really aren’t here to focus on all the boring details. That’s why we are going to cut right to the chase, without dwelling on the history. So, let’s get started right away with those must know facts.

It’s A Supplement

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You might have already heard a few great things about how CBD can treat one illness or another, and nobody can argue against that. While it’s true that Cannabidiol can be extremely useful for getting rid of certain symptoms, you should really understand that it is mostly used as a supplement, both by people and by animals. Not that your pets actually know why you are giving it to them, but, hey, you are the owner and you should know.

Essentially, CBD oil for dogs is a supplement designed to enhance their overall health and wellbeing by regulating certain processes that are going on in their bodies, as well as balancing the levels of their hormones and, of course, the endocannabinoids that their ECS produces. What this means is that you can give the product to healthy canines without worrying that you might cause them harm. Simply put, CBD oil isn’t made for sick animals only.

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It’s Not A Magical Miracle Drug

I have seen far too many people praise CBD oil, while not knowing exactly what they are talking about. Don’t get me wrong; I do believe that the product deserves to be praised, but I feel uncomfortable hearing that people are addressing its powers as if those were something magical, while the truth is that everything is backed by science and that we actually have our scientists to thank for discovering this amazing substance, instead of thanking some magical realms. What I’m trying to say that there are reasons why CBD oil is a miracle substance, but those reasons lie in science and not in magic.

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If you think about it closely, it’s a little disrespectful to the researchers, isn’t it? You finding out what CBD oil can do for your canines is the direct result of their extensive efforts to properly research the substance and attributing all of that to something magical and otherworldly isn’t doing those researchers any favors. Sure, Cannabidiol comes directly from nature, but the scientists are the ones who have discovered its amazing benefits. So, in short, we’re not dealing with magic here, but purely with science.

It’s Natural

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Despite the talk above, we cannot exactly fail to mention that CBD oil is a completely natural product, made from only the natural substances found in the cannabis plant. Usually, these products don’t contain any additives or harmful chemicals that might hurt your animal. This means that you don’t need to worry about whether this supplement is safe for your dogs, because it most definitely is.

It’s Made From Hemp

There is another reason why you don’t need to worry about the safety of this product. While you are probably already aware of the fact that Cannabidiol isn’t psychedelic, you might still be concerned about all the other substances contained in the bottle of CBD that you are buying for your pet since, well, those substances can also come from cannabis. That’s definitely correct, but here’s why you shouldn’t worry.

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Most great manufacturers source cbd oil for dogs from a plant called hemp. While hemp does come from the cannabis family, it is actually known to be non-psychoactive, simply because it contains extremely low amounts of Tetrahydrocannabinol, otherwise known as THC. Hemp is a rich source of Cannabidiol and you can rest assured that there are no traces of THC in those products made from animals. At least not when you find a reputable supplier.

Not Every CBD Oil Is The Same

I have briefly mentioned the idea of finding a reputable supplier and now it’s time to expend on that, so that you can understand why it is important. Basically, not every CBD oil for dogs is made the same way. This means that you should find a reliable supplier that will be open and straightforward with the ingredients used in the manufacturing process, because that will help you find not only the safest, but also the best CBD oil for your canines.