3 Signs that your Cat is Suffering from Dental Issues

Cat is Suffering from Dental Issues

Top Three Signs that your Cat is Suffering from Dental issues and what you can Do about it

Keeping a pet cat comes with many responsibilities. It is not only about their food but their dental health as well. Many cat keepers worry that their cats will stop eating if their teeth hurt. The truth is that they will not. They are likely to continue eating just fine despite the presence of dental disease. Let’s go through the basic subtle signs that indicate dental disease in your cats.The three most common dental diseases in cats are bad breath , inflammation of the gum , and tooth resorption, and the severity of each of these conditions can vary significantly.

1. Bad Breath3 Signs that your Cat is Suffering from Dental Issues 11

Yes! You read this one right. Similar to humans, cats develop a foul breath if they suffer from dental health issues. It is recommended to get close to your cat’s face after regular intervals to smell its breath. Typically, cat breath is without odor. Refrain from smelling it right after lunch. If its breath has a garbage-like stink, there is a greater probability that your cat has dental health issues.

More interestingly, look out for the dragon breath. If your cat is panting, it is never a good sign. Apart from dental health issues, dragon breath among cats can be a vital sign of heart disease as well.


2. Tooth Resorption3 Signs that your Cat is Suffering from Dental Issues 12

Seems like the teeth of your cat are vanishing? Can you only find gums? This is a major red flag that indicates dental damage in cats. This unique condition in cats causes the gums to grow over the affected tooth. The cat’s body starts seeing the damaged teeth as foreign intruders.

Consequently, the cat’s body makes an attempt to categorize and separate the affected tooth for curing the damage. If the impacted tooth is not treated, the cat’s body proceeds to pull the tooth back into the bone while exposing the gums. This process is rather painful and causes the cat loads of discomfort.


3. Inflammation of Gums3 Signs that your Cat is Suffering from Dental Issues 13

If your cat is suffering from dental health issues, your cat will have very red gums. In other words, you will find inflammation in your cat’s oral cavity, oral tissues, or the back of its mouth. Such inflammation also arises when the cat has a weak immune system. In the worst-case scenario, your cat might be subjected to stomatitis. The relief from stomatitis might lead to an extraction of all teeth to get rid of pain and inflammation.


Here is What You Can do About it…3 Signs that your Cat is Suffering from Dental Issues 14


1. Brushing your Cat’s Teeth

Hands down, brushing your cat’s teeth is a difficult task. It requires skill and patience from both parties involved. To keep the cat’s pearlies in the best shape, they ought to be brushed at least three times per week. The tip is to remain gentle and take your time with introducing your cat to the chicken-flavored toothpaste. Let the cat play a bit with the toothbrush so that it gets familiar with it. This will make the brushing process a bit easier. The brushing process should not take longer than 3 minutes.


2. Treat your cat with Dental Treats3 Signs that your Cat is Suffering from Dental Issues 15

Dental treats for cats are a smooth way to treat dental issues. A variety of dental treats are available in the markets. Chewing promotes dental health among cats. Dental treats are made in different flavors, i.e., chicken and salmon.

3. Feed Dried Food to your Cat

Big chunks of crunchy kibble are useful in getting rid of built-up plaque from the teeth of your cat. Even VOHC has claimed that dried food is helpful for dental health when the cat bites through the dried food. Oral rinse also exists for cats, which helps to kill harmful bacteria and build-up of plaque.