10 Reasons Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs

Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs
The trust your Dog has on you Vs your Cat 

Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs :According to the latest research, 67% of American families have a pet. Dogs and cats are the most popular, beating out fish, birds, and other types of pets. Most people are divided into cat-lovers and dog-lovers. Last time people started adopting more cats than dogs. Let’s try to discover the main reasons why cats are often preferred over dogs.

Certainly, a cat-lover’s personal choice is a primary idea that drives him or her to adopt a cat. However, aside from this, there are ten strong facts about why cats are more preferred.

Require Less Space

10 Reasons Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs 13

Both cats and dogs can be of different sizes. Yet, in most cases, cats are smaller than dogs. They merely require less living space, which is important for those who live in small apartments.

A common-size dog requires a lot of space, not only for the living. Dogs don’t consider anyone’s personal space and use all the house to play, exercise, and sleep.

At the same time, a cat requires a litter-box, water, best cat food, wood to sharpen their claws, and a place to sleep. If you want to make your cat happy, you can get a cardboard box for your favorite.

Less Expensive10 Reasons Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs 14

If you have a tight budget, you need to know that cats require fewer expenses than dogs. For starters, buying a dog is more expensive. Owning a dog, you will spend more money on food, supplies, and even caretakers.

Cats don’t need expensive and durable toys. Even self-made toys will engage them. Also, cats don’t require any accessory and don’t need someone to care for them. They can spend all day long waiting when you come home with no problems.

Can Live Indoors

10 Reasons Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs 15

If you have a full-time job or can leave your house for more than 24 hours, it’s forbidden to adopt a dog. They need to walk outside from 4 to 6 times a day to do their essentials. If you cannot grant 24/7 access to a backyard for your dog or live in apartments, you need to adopt a cat who will require only a litter-box.

Don’t Bark

For sure, cats aren’t completely silent. They can meow, and sometimes they do it quite loudly. However, they can do it in particular periods or when they want to say something to you. Yet, dogs can bark all day long with no reason. It definitely won’t make your neighbors happy, especially at night. A tip to stop dogs barking past your house is by installing a Dog Silencer Max by Good Life. By transmitting a high frequency that only dogs can hear, it stops them from making a ruckus.

Require Less Attention

10 Reasons Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs 16

While dogs cannot live without your attention, cats are more independent animals. Cats aren’t afraid to stay alone for a long period and respect personal space. When you decide to comfort a cat, your favorite can run away if it’s not your mutual desire.

Clean Themselves10 Reasons Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs 17

Dogs like mud. They don’t hesitate to dive and lay into the dirt to have fun. Unfortunately, they cannot take care of themselves, so that dog owners have to wash and dry them frequently. Also, a dog can have an unpleasant smell that can only be removed by taking a shower with shampoo.

Vice versa, cats always clean themselves by using their rough tongue. When they have a free minute, they use it to keep themselves clean. Cats should be washed to fight parasites or when they cannot clean the dirt by themselves.

More Delicate

Cats are more elegant and delicate pets. If you have a lot of fragile decorations in your home, there is a chance that they will fall on the floor because of a cat. However, when dogs start playing and exercising in a home, they can destroy furniture in their home. Therefore, adopting a can you can be sure that nothing bad won’t happen while you’re going out.

Provide Health Benefits

It’s a proven fact that cats help fight anxiety and stress. It will positively affect your health and make you live longer. The frequency of vibrations produced when cats purr have a positive effect on human muscle and bones. Also, cats can heal as their body temperature is higher than humans’.

Owning a cat  reduces your risk of  heart attack.

A recent study conducted by researchers at the University of Minnesota has shown that people who owned cats were nearly 40% less likely to die of a heart attack than those who never owned a cat.

They are Hunters10 Reasons Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs 18

Cats are great nature-created killing machines. Being cute, they are originally hunters. Even if they have no experience tracing and killing a bug or a mouse, their instinct will drive them to hunt.

As a result, a cat will keep pests at bay and won’t let them invade your house. Even if there are no rodents in your house to hunt, a cat will leave them no chance to enter your house. When a fly accidentally enters your apartment, don’t waste your time trying to catch it. Leave this job to a cat. However, don’t let your favorite eat the caught fly.

Their Love More Weighty

Dogs love everyone. They can be angry protecting their territory or food, but dogs are always happy to see people and kind to them.

It’s hard to get the same level of love from a cat. Note, cats are self-confident animals who choose whom to love. Therefore, when a cat comes to warm you up, it means that you’re a unique person for your pet.

Are Cats Perfect Pets?Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs

Some people may decide that cats are perfect pets to adopt. However, it’s not true. If you take a cat, you need to be prepared that your favorite can sharpen their claws of your expensive wooden furniture, wallpapers, and sofa.

Note, cats sleep all day long and become active at night. Therefore, they may wake you up at 3 AM because they want you to give them some fresh food.Too many reasons Why Cats Are Often Preferred Over Dogs.



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