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Maybe some cat owners find it unfriendly to keep their cats in a cat house, but cat cages can sometimes work well. And the cage at home is not to keep the cat closed all the time, just let the cat get used to the cage. That way, they can enter the cat house obediently in some special situations, such as traveling with them, and when they need to go out to see a doctor.

How To Attract Cats To Cat House? 11

So how to make cats like a cat house without stress? Today I will tell you about these methods about how to attract cats to the cat house.

Put the Cat House Where Can See the Scenery

Cats are actually very easy to satisfy. It is also a cat’s nature to be in a daze, so they need a quiet environment. With an Aivituvin cat house where you can often look at the scenery, they won’t ask for more materially.

Therefore, if you want cats not to reject a big cat house, put the cage in the sun or a place where you can see the scenery. And pay attention to keep the door of the cat house open so that they will not feel the cage is boring. On the contrary, I often go to the cat cage because I can often see the scenery.

Get a Comfortable Bed

How To Attract Cats To Cat House? 12
Cute Persian cat or Chinchilla cat lying on the sofa bed.

When it comes to cats, they will definitely think of their sleep-loving nature. They spend most of the day sleeping (in fact, they have a lot of fun at night). If you put a comfortable bed in the cat house, the cat will fall in love with the bed and will often run to the cat cage. If the cat doesn’t like the bed, try another comfortable bed. And make the cat house bed a little more interesting, so that the cat is impeccable. So the trick to attracting your cat to the cat house works and the cat will fall in love with the cat house.

But for cats, as long as the cat house bed is soft and comfortable to sleep on, it’s fine. Remember not to make the bed too big. Cats like to be squeezed, and large beds are not suitable for them. At the same time, you can put the blanket that the cat has slept on in the new bed, so that the cat can sleep more peacefully.

Dress up Cat House

How To Attract Cats To Cat House? 13

The third way to attract your cat to the cat house is to dress up the cat house. You can dress up the indoor cat house as a small playground for cats to play.

As we all know, cats eat and play in addition to sleeping. Eating doesn’t take them much time, only playing is their fun. If you prepare some toys in the large indoor cat house, it will greatly increase the cat’s interest in the cat cage. Such as wind chimes, bouncing balls, plush dolls, slides, hammocks and other entertainment items that cats like.

Of course, such a cat house must be taller. Cats like vertical space. Experience different fun in a large cat house. Isn’t that what cats want?

Prepare Snack Rewards

Although cats are cold and do not like to beg people, they also know that the treats in the hands of cat owners are delicious. These snacks can only be eaten after making some movements that the owner likes. So this time you can just drop the treats in the cat house. After the cat is in the cat cage, give more treats. Over time, cats will feel that as long as they enter the indoor cat house, they can eat snacks.

How To Attract Cats To Cat House? 14

However, this has a disadvantage. Some cats feel that there is a reward for entering the cat house, and if there is no reward, they will not enter the cage. And also prevent the cat from eating too much. The purpose of snacks is to give the cat a good impression of the cat cage, not to make the cat feel that the cage can be turned into snacks. Only the cat owner can grasp the feeling among them.

Attract with Familiar Scents

Open the door of the cat house and put it in a quiet corner. Then put one of the owner’s shirts in the cage with your scent. Your scent is the best medicine for comforting cats and giving them enough sense of security. This is also the easiest way to attract cats into the cat house.

Cat House is Warm Enough

Cats love to cuddle up in a comfortable place, whether it’s sitting or sleeping. If the temperature in the cat house does not meet the needs of the cat, the cat will not enter the cat house.

Get Your Cat Used to It

How To Attract Cats To Cat House? 15

Do you only take the cage out when using the cat cage? This must be wrong! Cats are particularly recognizable, and they will not easily come into contact with unfamiliar things. Only after they are familiar with them will they regard that thing as their own. In the eyes of cats, only their own things are trustworthy. Other unfamiliar things are not trustworthy.

Therefore, cat owners must make cats aware that indoor cat houses are common and harmless things in the home. Rather than something inexplicable that only occurs occasionally. You can place a cat cage in a place in your home where your cat can see it from time to time. Combine the previous methods to make cats accustomed to cat houses.

Getting your cat used to a cage doesn’t mean having your cat live in a cat house all the time. Just let them know that the cage is not a special place. In this way, the cat can be carried in the cat cage and run out in the event of some emergencies.

Final Word

These methods are mainly based on the feeling of the cat. Allow cats to come and go freely in and out of the cage. The rush for quick success will only dampen the confidence that the cat has just built up.

How To Attract Cats To Cat House? 16

When you have followed the steps above to get your cat used to it step by step, bringing them into the cat house at night or taking them out will make the cat more comfortable. And you will have more fun. For example, they don’t meow in the cat cage, they don’t feel so nervous about traveling by car, but they look forward to some new travel. Or at the veterinary clinic they no longer shiver.