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Sadly, it’s no secret that pet theft is on the rise. The ones we’ll discuss today are cats and dogs, considering the number of thefts for each furry friend is on the rise. 2021 has seen an unprecedented number of thefts, with many people starting campaigns to try and have a law created that means thieves have the court justice they deserve.

Considering thefts of our four-legged friends are on the rise, let’s explore how to keep them safe from thieves this winter.

Security Systems

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Pet thieves aren’t afraid to walk into your home when you’re asleep or sometimes when you’re awake. There is such a prevalence of burglaries for the sole purpose of taking the pet inside. Security systems pose a risk for thieves because, obviously, they’re more likely to get caught. According to one study, 70% of UK homes are without an alarm system – yet they’re relatively cheap to install and require no maintenance.

An alarm system is great, but an even better deterrent is a security camera system. Even the Ring Doorbells have become a popular deterrent. Both are slightly expensive, but they’re so worth the investment if you have prized possessions inside.

Securing Your Garden

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The garden is much easier to get into than your home, and unsuspecting pets roaming around in the garden are either sitting ducks, or they may escape themselves and land in the wrong hands – especially cats. Some people steal cats without even realising it because one continuously comes to their house until one day, they never leave.

Secure your garden with a cat fence topper from protectapet.com/pages/cat-fence

for that extra protection. It attaches all the way around your fence and provides an extra barrier to the outside world. The angle of the netting makes it very hard for even the best escape artist to get over. For dogs, a secure 6ft fence and wooden block gate are usually enough to keep them contained and to keep watching eyes away.


Microchipping isn’t necessarily a way to keep your pet safe from thieves, but it can make them easier to find and track. Some pet owners even chose to have actual trackers embedded into the microchip to see their whereabouts. Microchipping is relatively cheap, and once done, it lasts a lifetime. It’ll give you peace of mind that you know you have a way of being reunited with your pet if they ever did go astray – thieves or not.

Keep Social Media Posts To A Minimum

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Believe it or not, social media posts, particularly of dogs, can draw unwanted attention to your furry friend. That’s why dog breeders are very careful about who they tell their address to and how they post on social media. Sadly, there have been many cases of stolen furries because of relentless social media posts on open pages like Instagram – where some people don’t secure their accounts, and anyone can follow.

It seems that pet theft is only on the rise, and the dark nights of winter make it easier for thieves to do their work. Aside from the tips above, dog walkers ensure you’re walking your dogs in places with light and roads or houses nearby, and cat owners, try to limit the time your feline friend spends outside to not only keep them safe from people but from the elements too.



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