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Their blue eyes and distinctive coat markings make the Siamese unmistakable. Find out everything you need to know about the elegant Siamese in the breed portrait and whether she is really as talkative as she is said to be.

Appearance: Slender Beauties

Siamese Cat 13

In contrast to the original type, the Thai cat, the modern Siamese cat is characterized by its slim physique and a long, thin tail. The movements of the medium-sized cat appear elegant due to their equally long legs and narrow paws.

How Big Does a Siamese Cat Get?

Siams reach a shoulder height of 20 to 25 centimeters. The cats weigh three to four kilograms. The cats, on the other hand, can weigh up to five kilograms.

In addition to their athletic physique, their long, straight nose and eye-catching head shape are unmistakable features of the Siamese cat breed. The head is wedge-shaped and slightly arched outward when viewed from the side. The upright ears with a broad base lengthen the cat’s face, which appears almost triangular.

Deep blue, almond-shaped eyes that are wide apart and slightly slanted are also typical. The blue color is due to the fact that Siamese cats are partial albinos: They only produce a small amount of the pigment melanin, which also gives the cats their special coat color.

Fur Drawing of the Siamese cat: Colors

Siamese Cat 14

The short-haired cats have close-fitting, soft fur with little undercoats, which makes them perfect cuddly cats. Visually, the fur is characterized by points.

These special coat markings or shades of color are caused by the so-called Siamese gene and develop on the extremities. However, this only happens after a few weeks. Immediately after birth, all Siamese kittens are white.

Today there are countless color variations in Siamese, such as tabby patterns or reddish tints. However, the following basic colors are typical:

  • Seal-Point: With this well-known color, black-brown markings stand out on cream-colored or light-brown fur.
  • Blue-Point: The body of the cats is icy white, the markings are blue-gray and more subtle than with the Seal-Point variant.
  • Chocolate-Point: The body has an ivory tone, while the eponymous markings are colored like milk chocolate.
  • Lilac-Point: On the off-white of the body, which can be shaded pale purple, the markings shimmer in light gray with a slight shade of pink.

Temperament: Siamese Cats are Affectionate Chat Bags

You can already see from the physique of the Siamese how much she likes to move. She wants to be challenged both physically and mentally.

Because she is very affectionate, intelligent, and can be trained by humans to a certain extent, she is often referred to as the dog of cats. Their docility makes Siamese cats ideal partners for clicker training and a wonderful family cat in general.

If the Siamese cat is not in the mood to learn new tricks at the moment, or if it has set its sights on something, it clearly shows it. If you share your life with her, you will quickly notice what the self-confident fur nose likes best: attention. Because although she is headstrong and assertive, she likes nothing better than company and cuddles.

Are Siamese Cats Really That Loud?

Siamese Cat 15

It is true that the Siamese belong to the particularly communicative cat breeds and that they communicate unmistakably to their environment. Whatever does not suit them, they loudly express and babble for hours about this and that. Nevertheless, the lovable chat bags are an enrichment. Not only are they talkative but also excellent listeners.

Husbandry and Employment: Are Siamese Cats Indoor Cats?

Siamese cats can be kept as indoor cats, but keep in mind: These kitties are very active and always looking for adventure. If the elegant velvet paw is alone for too long, boredom quickly arises. If you have the opportunity, you should allow your Siamese to move freely.

If that is not an option, you should definitely ensure enough activity and variety in your apartment. Intelligence toys and extensive play units, in order to utilize the bundles of energy in the head and body, are a must. Incidentally, you should leave Siamese cats alone for too long, otherwise, the clever animals will quickly come up with stupid ideas.

It is Best to Allow Free Movement

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If you cannot give your Siamese outdoor space, a cat-safe balcony or garden is guaranteed to be a favorite place in summer. If you lack both, you can take your kitty for regular walks with a leash and harness. To do this, you should get your cat used to the leash as early as possible.

If the apartment is set up in a cat-friendly manner, a smaller apartment is sufficient for the velvet paws. In any case, it is important to have a large scratching post with several levels. Siamese cats can let off steam there and keep an eye on everything from above.

In addition, the Siamese should always live with other cats – even if they are said to be jealous. She is often born with many siblings, which is why her social behavior is very pronounced. A conspecific ensures that your kitty does not feel lonely and alone. This is especially important when keeping the apartment, but also for outdoor cats.

Care: Siamese Cats Like It Warm

Their temperament may be demanding, but grooming the Siamese is all the easier. Occasional brushing is sufficient, the house tigers do the rest themselves. However, in order for the beautiful exotic animals to feel completely at ease, they need pleasant temperatures. Since they have almost no undercoat, the Siamese feel uncomfortable in cold environments and when wet.

Outdoor hikers are therefore happy when they are lovingly patted dry by you after a downpour. In winter you will regularly find your shivering roommates on the heater bed or in other cozy places where it shouldn’t be dragged if possible.

Health: Hereditary Diseases of the Siamese Cat

Regular visits to the vet are important. Because representatives of this breed of cats can suffer from breed-related hereditary diseases.

In addition to mammary tumors, heart and vascular diseases, eye diseases also occur. Strabismus and eye tremors are known anomalies. The cause is believed to be the breed’s lack of melanin. In addition, PRA – progressive retinal atrophy or retinal atrophy – can lead to slower blindness. It can be identified by a genetic test, which should be carried out on Siamese cats once in a lifetime.

The exotic species are also thought to be prone to pica syndrome. Cats with this obsessive-compulsive disorder have a tendency to chew or eat indigestible items, such as wool, gum, and cat litter. With the right measures, the health hazards caused by this behavior can be contained and their triggers reduced.

How Old Can Siamese Cats Get?

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Siamese cats can live to be between 15 and 20 years old if they are kept and fed appropriately. That is a handsome age for pedigree cats.

Diet: What a Siamese Cat Likes to Eat

A healthy diet is of course part of keeping every Siamese cat in a species-appropriate manner. Whether you give your cat wet or dry food or decide on a different feeding method depends entirely on your preferences – and of course on the palate of your velvet paw.

Siamese cats, like many other cat breeds, can be very picky at times. So be patient when looking for the ideal food. When changing feed, however, make sure to always switch slowly from one type to the other.

Cats also always need enough fresh water. This is even more true if your cat mainly eats dry food. Drinking bowls that you distribute around the house, or even a drinking fountain, can also encourage your Siamese to drink.

Origin: From Thailand’s Temples to the World

The ancestors of the Siamese cat originally came from Siam, today’s Thailand. There they were worshiped as temple cats by Buddhist monks.

The first pair of Siamese cats came to England at the end of the 19th century. Pho and Mia were a gift from the Siamese King to the British Consul General and the first breeding pair in England. The first breed standard for Siamese cats was established in 1892.

The beautiful exotic species have also been officially bred in Germany since 1927. The modern, slim type did not emerge until the 1970s and is known today as the Siamese cat, while the original type is known as the Thai cat.

Purchase: Only From a Responsible Breeder, Please

Ideally, you buy a Siamese cat from a reputable breeder. This will reduce the risk of the cat suffering from one of the hereditary diseases mentioned. On the other hand, you support the species-appropriate breeding of cats.

So you can be sure that animal welfare comes first. Cat lovers, on the other hand, should definitely keep their distance from “multipliers” who do not take the welfare of the cats into consideration.

Before you decide on a breeder, you should get a picture of the animals and their surroundings at a first appointment. We have put together 10 questions for cat breeders for you that show whether a cat breeder is serious and your future cat is healthy.

Make sure that the Siamese kittens are not handed in too early. You should stay with the mother cat for at least twelve weeks to learn from its social behavior and other important things. Don’t be afraid to ask about important papers like the family tree.

How Much Does a Siamese Cat Cost From the Breeder?

For a Siamese cat from a reputable breeder, future cat owners must reckon with a purchase price of around 600 dollars. Since pedigree cats often end up in animal shelters, it is also worth looking into animal welfare.

Conclusion to the Siam: Temperament Cat With Special Demands

Siamese Cat 18

With her mysterious look, elegant body, and strong temperament, the beautiful Siamese quickly conquers the hearts of cat lovers. She is characterized by a high level of activity and her talkativeness. All of this makes them a demanding companion for everyone who is looking for an extraordinary house tiger and can offer him time, love, and, ideally, space for a second cat.