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Care for a Pet Rabbit :If the owner of a rabbit is not capable of understanding the needs of this animal, this is where you will often hear of the neglect that rabbits suffer from because of the lack of commitment and understanding of how to take care of them.

On this page we will discuss several things – take some time to consume this information. There are many rescue shelters that have an abundance of rabbits that have inevitably been abandoned by their owners and simply didn’t take the time to figure out what to do – nearly 70,000 rabbits every year are going to be rescued.

Tips to Care for a Pet Rabbit 9

Pets that are ideal for children

Rabbits really are not cuddly animals – they are animals that are nervous by nature, and can easily bite and scratch people that try to hold them in stress.

Building any relationship with the rabbit will take a lot of patience, and you must realize that this will be on the rabbit’s terms. Children are really not that good with patience.

Happy to be petted or picked up

Care for a Pet Rabbit

Rabbits are by nature a prey species, which means if you are grabbing them, or trying to hold them, they will react as if a predator has them. Most of the owners that understand this about rabbits only do so to make sure they are healthy. Most people get pleasure from watching the natural behaviors of rabbits instead.

They are happy in small places

During the Victorian years, they would keep rabbits and hutches that they would use for meat. While rabbits tend to live underground. When they go above ground, they typically go across a large area every single day. If you put them in an enclosure, it should be no more than 1 m x 2 m x 3 m in size. Rabbits should never be placed in a hutch perpetually.

Rabbits are happy living alone

There have been many studies that have shown that rabbits do enjoy companionship just like they do enjoy eating. If you watch rabbits that have bonded, they will often snuggle together, and may even clean each other, and you will see this is why it is often cruel to keep rabbits isolated.

They are easy to look after

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Rabbits have to be cleaned on a regular basis, providing them with fresh bedding and hay. If you do this regularly, they can live for over 10 years which means you will be cleaning quite a bit! It is also imperative that you do regular vaccinations and address any medical problems that they have by visiting a veterinarian!

Rabbits are cuddly toys

Rabbits, unfortunately, suffer from how cute they are. For example, when a child sees a fluffy rabbit, typically in a pet shop, they will want to obtain it. However, just like toys, children will often lose interest, abandoning the rabbit, and then they can end up in a hunch, somewhere outside, isolated and alone.

They are cheap pets

Although rabbits are not that expensive, it’s going to cost a lot of money to take care of them. Secure outdoor enclosures, as well as quality indoor enclosures, plus plenty of bedding and hay, plus food, is something that you will need to consider plus the cost of veterinarian trips for vaccines and medical attention. If you have a pair of rabbits, it may cost you as much as £10,000 or more.

Rabbits are…

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Curious and beautiful animals that deserve to have a good life. All of the highlights that have been listed are some of the most common misconceptions about them and how to care for these animals. When considering the bottom line regarding rabbits, it is simply a big commitment.

You must…

  • Have at least two
  • have them neutered
  • give them a suitable environment
  • clean them daily
  • provide vaccinations, checkups, and any treatment they may actually need
  • feed them quality hay and vegetables, as well as quality pellets

All of this must be done for well over 10 years.

It really doesn’t make a person bad. They come to the conclusion that this type of life is not one that you would like to live with the rabbit. There are so many people who eventually decided they should not have a rabbit, and that is why rescue shelters will often have them, plus it would also eliminate the need for the suffering and neglect that rabbits suffer when they are forgotten.

Bunny buddies

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There is a common myth that guinea pigs and rabbits are very similar. They really do not eat the same types of small animal food and larger rabbits can really hurt a guinea pig. If you can keep rabbits together, this is something that is more ideal – this is not going to be a good idea with the guinea pig.

Spectator sport

The actual pleasure of having your own rabbit is simply watching them! They are going to have very unique behaviors which will include foraging, digging, jumping, running, and watching them groom each other is outstanding in many ways. If you see a binky or flop, you will know that they are doing okay!

Do the math

Rabbits, if they do live for up to 12 years, you need to think about telling your kids that once a rabbit that it’s going to require a lot of work. In fact, by law you are responsible for any animal that you own, so will your child actually be this interested in a rabbit five years later? Will they be 10 years later? Perhaps they will, but maybe they won’t!