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Training your dog can seem very daunting, especially if you’re inexperienced working with dogs. But there are several benefits of dog training that you might not be aware of.

Many people might think that dog training is only suited for owners who want their dog to learn lots of tricks or be highly skilled in obedience training, but introducing your dog to any amount of training can improve your dog’s health, its mental abilities, and can even help tighten the bond between you and your dog.

Let’s take a look at some of the greatest benefits of dog training.

Dog Training

1. Occupies the Mind

If you own a dog, you probably know that it’s easy for them to get bored. Some breeds are more prone to boredom than others, but most dogs enjoy having a job to do or something to do to occupy their minds.

Dogs are extremely intelligent. They were bred for work as well as play and companionship. Training your dog combines these elements, giving them a task to complete as well as providing quality time with their owner.

Sometimes, finding time to train can be difficult, but even if you’re unable to work with them 24/7, there are professional dog trainers who can help train your dog when you can’t be around.

There are also trainers who work with both you and your dog at the same time to provide a more comprehensive experience. For example, The Dog Wizard provides dog training for both owners and dogs, so that you can learn professional training techniques that will enhance your ability to communicate and understand your dog.

2. Safety & Trust

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It’s very important that your dog knows commands so that they are protected. For instance, if your dog is prone to jumping fences or running after cars, you’ll want them to have what’s called “good recall,” meaning they will come to you when called, even if they are off-leash.

Good training can make all the difference when your dog is in a situation where it might get hurt. Proper training can also ensure that you can trust your dog. Leaving them loose in the house, boarding them while you’re away, or introducing your dog to strangers are all situations where you need to know you can trust your dog to behave. With the right training, your dog will be better prepared for any situation.

3. Good for Mental and Physical Health

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Just like it’s important for humans to engage in mental and physical stimulation, it’s important for dogs to exercise their minds and bodies as well.

As we discussed above, it’s good for dogs to occupy their minds. While this can help keep them busy, it’s proven that dogs who engage in mental and physical activity live longer. Dogs have a knack for intelligence, so encouraging that intelligence can help them stay alert and active even into their old age.

Physical activity is great for dogs, and training is one way to accomplish this. The breed of dog you have will determine how much physical exertion is appropriate, but keeping your dog active will certainly help them maintain a healthy lifestyle.

4. Bonding

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One of the best ways to bond with your dog is through training. Dogs love to please their owners, so what better way to combine mental, physical, and even emotional exercise than through obedience training?

This helps your dog understand that you are the boss, and dogs naturally become loyal to their owners this way. Dogs learn humans. They pick up on their owner’s tone of voice as well as facial expressions. Training provides an ideal space for your dog to learn about you and become comfortable and accustomed to obeying you. This will help strengthen the bond between you and your dog, providing a balance of authority and friendship.


Proper training can make the difference between having a good relationship with your dog and having a great one. With the right training, your dog will be a well-rounded, healthy pet, and you’ll be better prepared and more knowledgeable about your dog’s tendencies and capabilities.

Training is a wonderful way to ensure the health and happiness of your dog, so we hope that this guide has encouraged you to begin!